Dear Censored,

Tim dillon makes, election fraud Watch “The Vote Counting Effort In Nevada, MUST WATCH!” on YouTube


Dear Censored,

 I thought you guys would enjoy this video from the weird side of the internet. My wife was looking up clog dancing on YouTube and stumbled across this.

The suggested videos show many more vaginas.



Dear Censored,

Stumbled across a band from Glasgow that i think you might be interested in. They have a music video about the refugee crisis and although I disagree with the politics the music is actually quite good. Hope you like it.


Dear Censored,

I suggest using Epoch Times (in general) rather than mainstream liberal media like Fox (yes, they got bought out!), CNN, etc. They’re a great independent media source that has been crushing the CCP virus coverage from the start! The right sidebar also gives updates on Trump’s lawsuits and moves.
I like your new sunglasses!


Dear Censored,

It recently occurred to me that “CNN” is visually pretty close to “CW”, so I gave this “Clown World” logo a go.
Might make a nice contribution to the new studio… What do you think?
My Illustrator file is attached, so feel free to use it for something if you like 🙂


Dear Censored,

This an op-ed by a man named Michael J. Stern.  Apparently this queeb used to be a federal prosecutor in Detroit and Los Angles.  It should boggle the mind that someone with a resume like his would succumb to such a terrible case of TDS, but knwing how this goes I guess its no surprise.
Take care,


Dear Censored,

Today Britain has gone into a second lockdown. 

The video in the link below shows a daughter, who’s a registered nurse, being arrested because she wants to bring her 97 year old mother home from a care home.

We have become a fascist country. I was a teacher for 10 years but couldn’t deal with the PC bullshit and spoilt brat kids. Thanks to you, I left teaching in Jan and set my own business up. I’ve already made triple what I’d make as a teacher and that’s during this plan-demic.
Keep up the good fight, you’re making a difference. 


Dear Censored,

FYI on Michigan Secretary of State

Jocelyn Benson is a former board member of SPLC.
From Michigan, can confirm.
WTF is going on?


Dear Censored,

JamesOKeefeIII (@James O’Keefe) Tweeted: UPDATE: @Project_Veritas has been contacted by a Special Agent within the Office of Inspector General for the @USPS who is aware of our video, believes the allegations of wrongdoing fall under their jurisdiction, and they are assessing whether an investigation is appropriate.


Dear Censored,

So this is how Facebook censored my post about the 100% Biden votes.
I assume the deep state/China are just screwing with things sometimes to see the reactions of the public or seeing if they can get away with it? Quite the major “glitch” though. I think there would be some steps before these “results” were shown to the public. They just accidently processed that 100% of the left over ballots were for Biden? I dont know the systems in place to process the votes, like how many people it would go through before being disclosed to the public. I guess it could be a glitch, but I dont think so


Dear Censored,

 know you love the Antifa mug shots. Not sure if you’ve seen this Instagram account.

Hey Ryan… FUCK YOU!!(Jk…I love your retarded ass)


Dear Censored,

I made a short funny video clip of the guy who started yelling about the Joe Biden Crime family during a Clark County,NV press conference.  


Dear Censored,

A friendly reminder that Democrats have been trying to rig the election with mail in ballots since 1864.
Also, Harris talked about the 1864 election during her debate with Pence, who’s a God Damn national treasure.
I think she was blowing a dog whistle the size of a blow horn, personally.
War. *dun dunnn*


Dear Censored,

These guys are world champions and its still stupid and cringe. You can drop the needle pretty much anywhere on the video and have a laugh. Enjoy.

Dear Censored,

My Liege Gav and Jester/Ball Tickler Ryan, you’re very off on circumcision. I’ll preface, I’m christian and I believe in circumcision. I’m also against the additives in vaccines. So when my boy who is 3 now was born, I didn’t want any ‘special vitamin k’ or other injections. Breastmilk is very rich in vitamin k and by 8 days old, infants have enough vit k to make blood coagulate. Hence why God said to cut away the flesh of those 8 days and older. The foreskin represents the sinful nature of man and cutting of the flesh represents cleansed by God. It’s a sign of dedication to God. But most circumcision Doctors won’t perform the surgery without shots. My wife’s midwife said we can see a “Mohel”. (He’s a regular doctor but is willing to perform the ‘surgery’ on day 8.) I brought my boy in. The doctor wiped his dick with numbing wipes and put a numbing cream on him for like 15 min. He pinched him to see if it was numb. I held my boy’s hands just so he didn’t grab anything. (I wasn’t holding him down.) The doctor pushed the penis in so the foreskin was pinchable, he used plier scissors to hold it, and lanced off the foreskin with a scalpel. Released the pliers, wiped the blood a couple times and threw gauze on it. He said change it as often as needed. I only had to change the gauze 2 times. There were no weird fucking straps or anything, it took all of 20 mins if that. I’m not saying everyone needs to circumcise, I don’t care what you do, but for my faith it’s my way to show God that I dedicate my boy to Him, that’s all. Plus it’s way cleaner, no dick cheese.I like you more than a friend, no homo.

– Dan


Dear Censored,

Sewing machine, how it works


Dear Censored,

We’re French people for Trump, also watching GOML religiously !

Let me fuck you with my beret on YEAAAA


Fier de toi, garçon 



Dear Censored,

I made these “proud boy initiation treats” and I thought you would find it funny. They are made of 5 different kinds of cereals.


Dear Censored,

Chelsea Handler goes topless (nipples covered with stickers).


Dear Censored,

I am emailing from the island of Ireland where woke culture and Marxism is starting to infest the national conversation.
One possible  solution for the guys who are fed up with the Liberal women is to marry a Filipino nurse. 
I met my wife 3 years ago. In that time we’ve been married, bought a house, I’ve doubled my income and my wife gave birth to a baby boy. Hopefully he will be on the cover of a magazine one day. She brought me back into the faith (I was hard-line Hitchens/AIU) also which I know you’ll appreciate.
The Filipinos are the only Christian Asian country which means they integrate very well with Western values. They are anti abortion, pro family and pro faith and don’t give a damn about the bleeps or their victim-hood mentality. Their President Duterte is basically Trump. It’s like a dream land, like, I love you. 
Emailing this before election, please God Trump gets it. 
Kind regards, 



Dear Censored,

lying to New York women to get a wife.

I’m attempting to woo a Liberal New York City-ite. She was here (Utah) over the weekend. She asked me about 30 times who I voted for. She is liberal politically but conservative personally/religiously. She is the kind of person who I know once she has kids will be completely a-political or even right wing. But right now I know if I tell her I voted for Trump it would be an instant turn-off and when she told her liberal New York friends they would convince her I’m evil. So I said “the voting booth is sacred” but let’s talk about individual issues…. As suspected she instantly didn’t really have much to say. As it turns out, it is mostly fashion. People don’t care about the debt, or immigration levels, they just care that you are on the “right” side, and you are doing what you are “supposed” to do (she was so careful with masks and hand-sanitizer that I hardly have skin left on my hand)

She is flying back to New York right now and won’t be getting there until about 11 p.m. I told her to be careful with election riots and all that. She said she isn’t worried, because Biden is going to win, and that I should be worried because Trump’s “proud boys” are going to come out and attack people. She literally believes that whole Trump’s militia thing, that proud boys are waiting for his cue to attack. I couldn’t believe it. I said I didn’t think there was going to be a problem with Trump supporters and that is all just silly.  “Do you think I’m brainwashed,” she asked, “Yes” I replied. 

Anyway, I think she is the kind of person who definitely will be red-pilled, just a matter of easing her into it enough so she doesn’t go into shock. Like laying out birdseed for birds.

love the show, best, 


Dear Censored,

From 5:35 in the video for about a minute proud boys get a mention and it shows how fucking clueless the mainstream media are. They think stores are being boarded up in DC because of people on the right for fuck sakes.

All the best,


Dear Censored,

So here’s my obviously hot Latina girlfriend as Salena… solid 8.2?  And here I am with an actual coyote skin on my head as I’m smuggling a Mexican baby across the border…  decent costume?

 BTDubs’.  “There’s a fucking bat on the floor right there… a fucking bat on the floor right there!!! 


Apology accepted, I love you,


Dear Censored,

 Just thought I’d show off my Halloween costume this year. Brought together with my newest AR build.. I’m just a  Mark out here looking for my Patricia! Proud of Your Boy!!!  


Dear Censored,

I wore your shirt to vote for our amazing President. MAGA!

– Adam

Dear Censored,

Dr Gorka putting condescending hag from Sky news, Kay Burley in her place about Proud Boys.


Dear Censored,

Tommy Lee is so gay


Dear Censored,

Glasgow nostalgia


Dear Censored,

Have you guys heard about the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC)? This garbage legislation allows states belonging to the “compact” to overturn the outcome of their state’s election and award electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote across all the states in the compact.
I live in New Mexico. We’re one of 15 states plus the District of Columbia who have already passed this into law. The constitutional legality is questionable but, apparently, the bill doesn’t take effect until the compact gains enough states for 270 electoral votes. Seems safe enough… Until you recognize that state Democrats just keep hammering on this, year after year, until they final get it ratified. Take a look at the Bills section of the wiki page. Some states have been fighting for this since 2007.
It’s about time conservatives start paying attention—to local politics especially! Thanks for helping conservatives realize we’re punk rock. Proud of your boy! TRUMP LANDSLIDE!!
Like you more than a friend


Dear Censored,

Fake Kamala Harris Caught Tricking Minority Voters at Florida Polling Station. hahaha they got Loomerd she wasn’t having any of it.


Dear Censored,

The reason that McDonalds workers say that the ice cream machine is broken is often not that it’s actually broken, but that they are too lazy to replace the bag that supplies ice cream to the machine. The Vice article you spoke about on s03e30 actually provides evidence that black McDonalds workers are disproportionately lazy ass holes. $15/hr my ass. This information comes from a former McDonalds worker. See link below.

PS: my wife told me about this. I dont use tiktok



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