Dear Censored,

I’m including a link here that is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen and the timestamp 2.40 would make a great video drop. the white English teacher was working at a mostly black school and seemed to bite off more than he could chew when trying to act hip. It’s a pretty short video but definitely worth the watch.       


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

I thought it would be fun to contrast that female “robot inventor” with an actual engineer who makes cool shit. 
So while that dumb bitch is playing with simple motors and timers that are set up to slap her in the face (at least she got that part right YKWIS?)… 
this guy made an explosive baseball bat that’s powered by rifle blanks:

and a basketball hoop that corrects for your shitty aim to make sure you never miss:

Anyway, keep up the B- work,


Dear Censored,

Thought you’d enjoy this write up of a new Netflix “comedy” special produced by Amy Poehler. Maybe one for a Censored Presents episode. 
Natalie Palamides: Nate – A One Man Show — NETFLIX COMEDY SPECIAL
Meet Nate – Your stereotypical masculine man just trying to be better. Executive produced by Amy Poehler and directed by Philip Burgers, Natalie Palamides: Nate – One Man Show follows an alpha male, portrayed by Natalie Palamides,  learning to express emotion and understand the rules of consent.

I Like your new sunglasses,


Dear Censored,

Sorry Ryan. Canada has taken the title Calgary is the literal the fag capital of the world.
Look at this job posting; Managing Lead, Anti-Racism Program Team –
Some school marm  is getting an estimated salary of Compensation: Unrated Level H- $110,947-176,864 per annum, All while my small business revenue is down 90%. 
Not sure if you know this oil boom city has turned into a shithole. We use to be one of the cleanest wealthiest cities in Canada, in fact most liveable cities in the world   Thanks to this A-Sexual social justice mayor we are now becoming Canada’s Detroit. While dudes get shot 2 blocks away ( i live in a decent part of dowtown ) , people OD just outside our place, police and fire get hit by budget cuts our cuck mayor builds bike lanes to an empty down town.

Our mayor is such a fag a dude married to another dude is the only one willing to challenge him haha. Jeremy Farkas look him up, a pro cop limited goverment gay. Fucking clown world man.
Just a warning guys. This is what awaits you in about 10 years….
Anyways, have a Two 4 with your heels on fuck bud.


Dear Censored,

I was scrolling through the ‘Gram and I came across this meme from “FunnyHoodVids”.. I follow them because a friend sent me one of their memes months ago but I continue to follow them so I can watch the progression of “funny hood culture”.. I’ve laughed at plenty of their posts but not once ever with them or for their intended purpose.. Check out the attached meme where they claim this is the funniest Trump meme yet and sadly I agree with them; this is their funniest Trump meme yet.. Get ready to slap that knee and hold your sides!


Dear Censored,

Tucker Carlson is a gaslighting piece of shit who is being groomed to run for president because the majority of normie boomers think he a patriot.

I would be cautious to believe any of the hype around how genuine this guy is.  Take a look at one of the emails from the latest Hunter Biden laptop dump from a few days ago – he is obviously compromised.

Dear Censored,

I saw this and could help but laugh at how “coincidental” this was. We know they manipulate the trends and searches, and today after Pennsylvania certifies today? Twitter should just change their name to Antwifa. They should be treated as insurgents. What if Trump used the Insurrection act right now over the vote fraud?
I want me to fuck you with Jerusalem Cruisers on.


Dear Censored,

Here is the video of CEO explaining the their situation about Kyle and BlazeTV

Dear Censored,

Ryan, please don’t fade me out tomorrow night.
 I have an idea that will garner lots of donations for the charities and will pitch it on the call-in eppy, OK?

“Great minds drink alike.”

-Lighthouse Tom


Dear Censored,

All you need to know about them is this fucking person and this position in a COFFEE company. Cucks


Dear Censored,

Tim Pool calls himself a “bald cuck”

New soundboard clip? 
Courtesy of TheDonald.Win 


Dear Censored,

A first ever…three subsequent video drops in one fucking clip. All of these would be perfect for the show. The drop starts at 3:45. 
One love,


Dear Censored,

I have recently watched a movie called Role Models (2008) starring Paul Rudd and the guy from American Pie. What initially seemed like a raunchy comedy turned into an instruction manual for pedophiles.  

The plot revolves around two men in their 30s. After getting into a fight with a tow-truck driver, they are given two choices: 1) go to jail or 2) perform community service. Of course, they choose the latter. They are assigned to be BIG BROTHERS to two kids they’ve never met before. Yes, two OFFENDERS, who would’ve otherwise ended up behind bars are given the option to mentor children.  

I had never heard of a community-based program like this, so I found this plot point quite strange. The more I thought about it, the more uneasy I felt. How the fuck can you let a criminal spend time with a stranger’s child?

After watching the movie, I wanted to make sure that the program was only fictional, but the google search results made me feel even more uneasy.  

You should take a look at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America website: 

So, you can be either sentenced to mentor a kid who is assigned to you, or you can VOLUNTEER to take part in the program. Who the fuck would do that? Why wouldn’t you spend time with your own kids, or your nieces and nephews? This just screams pedophilia to me. Is this program run by scumbags, who exploit children?

In the context of what’s going on in Hollywood behind closed doors, the movie becomes real SPOOKY. I’m sure that at least the writer of the movie is in the know and that these plot points were put there on purpose.  

Full disclosure: (read in Larry David’s voice) I was pretty… pretty… pretty high while watching the movie. Maybe the Big Brothers program is an American thing I just wasn’t familiar with. Either way, the whole thing gave me proper heebie jeebies.  

Greetings from Slovakia 


Dear Censored,

Why should Trump-voters confederate with Indians:
– because Indianer are more decent neighbors than masses of immigrants
– they care for the land, and can be a good part of an international Confederation of land-owners, workers, geoengineers.
– they can help to overcome big money, by taking over Wallstreet and using it for the land and the people
– they´re good for terraforming and are willing to learn, and basically respect entrepeneurs.

A truthful attitude of Trump-voters would contain:
– List of terror-details and will to stop it
– more land, which is not so big problem because of new land (terraforming with desalted water)
– admit Reagan was talked into “trickling down“ by Maggie Thatcher and banks. Nobody believes now that making the rich richer is solution to economy. Money should be a reward for accomplishments, not for doubtful businesses. (negative impacts must be paid for by company)
– admit bible is not perfect. You´re just too lazy to think yourself. Bible contains important truths but was rigged. You just don´t get a perfect book from God, neither bible nor koran. Religion is not a thing of belief, it´s about facts. (life after death, demons, attitude, god, you need experts not preachers). If you don´t know exact daily demon tactics, stick to “love thy neighbor“. Avoid psychosociopaths with money and nice words.
– admit money comes not from god. You´re responsible for how you get it. (work slaves, environment, lies)

That´s the main attitude-points I think.
I don´t invent this attitude, it already exists among Trump-voters. It just hasn´t come up so clearly, because in earlier days the general “hit them, get it“-attitude was successful.

Did you read my supreme court decision proposal:
“If you give your vote, that´s a contract. If you change your vote after election, that´s a breach of contract and will not be accepted. But in the case of the Indians such a breach must be accepted because breach of contract is part of justice in their experience, and the vote change came in time. “

I come over in May or earlier, maybe we meet.

Thomas of Kassel, Nov24th

Right now on German TV: Leader of young “social democrats“ (formerly big party) joins club of influencers which say “every conspiracy theory is antisemitic“.
If you´re against wallstreet, you´re antisemitic, okay!


Dear Censored,

BRCC is a bunch of sellouts. Their VC is a group out of Chicago named Sterling Partners.

This group is extremely left wing. Example: lend their jets to Clintons, Kerry, Bernie, etc. BRCC wants to go public. They hired the CFO from, Gregory J. Iverson. Give him a Google as well. Case 2:19-cv-00709-DAK. I am in the process of taking a company public. No chance they can get past the SEC or the Nasdaq with this guy as the CFO. 
I could go on for a short novel.  


Dear Censored,

Firstly, please tell Ryan that he is a gay.
Secondly, I found a vintage photo of Antifa from the 1930’s. Really showcases their good looks and their inclusiveness that we all know them for today. 
I like you more than a friend, 


Dear Censored,

Faces of the Left is also Faces of Meth. When you look at Andy Ngos mug
shots. So many have massive sores on their face and they are not
pimples, they are not pimple age. BlmTifa are a collection of criminals,
lonely hearts, drug addicts, homeless, people with daddy issues,
mentally ill, self loathing whites,  with a few die hard black, racist
Marxists thrown in.


Dear Censored,

It’s been a long time in the making.
You could spend all day finding more articles spanning the last 4 years of fake ID seizures at similar amounts. Yeah, there has and always will be a black market for fake IDs, but at this proportion with such a high influx this year before the election it just makes your tiddle wink. I don’t know, you figure it out Gavin you stupid fucking faggot. 



Dear Censored,

I am a full time seller on the Bay. Skip trying to go through Ebay. Call Paypal directly. They have a full time customer service and you can get them on the phone in minutes. Typically it is a last resort after all else fails on eBay. Also there is an option where ebay has a rep call you back on the bottom of the “help” page since they went to mail only due to Covid. Sorry that happened to you and I apologize on the behalf of the honest sellers on the site. I found your sale on the site. The seller is top rated with plenty of positive feedback which surprised me. They received a neutral review this month besides your negative. Most likely they are going to snowball out of control with there scamming. Probably started doing meth and will ruin there business in the coming months. Lets hope for the best.

Great Show,


Dear Censored,

You mentioned on the Monday show that KEXP went woke and it made me wonder if you had seen this performance by Better Oblivion Community Center on KEXP. It’s yet another Conor Oberst side project this time with the beautiful and talented singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers. The link below is their song “Dylan Thomas” from that performance. I especially enjoy the lyrics:
“So sick of being honestI’ll die like Dylan ThomasA seizure on the barroom floor”

Phoebe Bridgers also does a gutwrenching cover of the song “You Missed my Heart” by Sun Kill Moon:

By the way, Bright Eyes also put out  new album  a few months ago that’s quite good. Just trying to give you new music to listen to that isn’t Justin Beiber. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed another segment of “a millenail tells a 50 year old what to watch.”


Dear Censored,

You guys were talking about vets and here’s one everyone should know about: Matt Urban. He was one of the most decorated vets in WWII and was nicknamed “the Ghost.” He’s almost been through too much to go through all of it, but here’s some of his highlights:

  • While storming a beach in North Africa he was wounded, refused to be evacuated, and followed it up by taking an enemy position.
  • When the Germans counterattacked, he held his ground, knifed a German to death and grabbed his gun, firing on the enemy . He was wounded from grenade shrapnel.
  • He and 4,000 men crossed the mountains of Sicily at night with mules, flanked and surprised the Germans, forcing them to abandon the position.
  • He pulled a wounded tank gunner out of his burning tank moments before it exploded
  • All in all he was shot or wounded at least ten times (twice through the neck and twice in the chest), yet never retreated and would often hitchhike back to the front lines to command his men whenever he was forced to go back for a doctor since he was shot so many times

He’s truly one of my favorites. That what being a Polish Catholic will get yah.
I would like to fornicate with you whilst wearing heels,


Dear Censored,

There is a movie on netflix about Jan Baalsrud, the man that your mother mentioned in her letter on the recent episode. Great movie, worth the watch. Here is the wiki for the movie: 
Stay cool and thank you for your future service in Scandinavia, 


Dear Censored,

A few episodes ago you guys talked about the sad tree at Rockefeller Center this year. Eventually Ryan ends up mentioning last year’s tree was from his neck of the woods, Newburgh. I grew up 10 miles from Newburgh, and have worked there for seven or so years now. This video is Newburgh, NY. I recommend the whole video but skip to 3:16 (cause Stone Cold said so) for some real gold:

-Matt G.

Get dough, and pull triggas,

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