Dear Censored,

Please add this to Biden quotes t-shirts collection

I’ll be first to order!

Joe Biden: “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Dear Censored,

This video accurately predicts America after a 100 years of fraudulent Democrat victories.


Dear Censored,

Fight isn’t over yet on this election. We got a bit of ringside interference going on now with the media. Probably lost the round on points. We got to get back in the ring for the next round and not give up. To quote a classic:
The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! Now if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth, but you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that! – Rocky Balboa (2006)

Keep fighting and never give up.
I’d like to, uh, you know the thing, with the heels.

– Dan

Dear Censored,

Anyways… like you always say, 2020 IS A FUCKIN IQ TEST! Mind blowing!

Oh and one more thing I don’t see anyone talking about is how Bernie Sanders called what was happening in THIS election, prior to the actual election (see link below). 

Also, have you heard about the “Trucker Strike?” Have Ryan search for it, if he can manage. I think it will give your viewers a first look at how we will quickly turn into Venezuela under a “Harris administration (according to Siri).” 🙄😒
Thanks for taking the time to read! 

I asked Siri tonight, “how old is the president,” this was the answer I got in return (see pic below). Very interesting that Apple has already programmed Joe’s Hoe as “Madame President!

Dear Censored,

This may be ancient Chinese secret but its worth bringing up given the trajectory of the Presidential race.
In 1991 Thomas had his Senste confirmation hearing stopped by Biden to hear allegations of sexual harassment against him by a single woman in his staff. It was a circus and Biden made sure it played out in prime time to the world to smear Thomas. His closing statement is linked below and its powerful to say the least. Best part is at 3:10.
Ironically almost 30 years later, Thomas is now de facto Chief Justice and my how the tables have turned.



Dear Censored,

Bad household smells – washing machine drain plug.

as far as smells go, it gets no worse than the (clothes) washing machine drain plug. I’d rather sleep next to a warmed up bowl of my own liquid whiskey bacon egg and cheese hangover shits for a week than smell the inside of one of those for five seconds. when I open it, the water that comes out – you can’t even call it water it’s like the shit of the shit of the shit to the power of 10 hyper filtered out shit water  that builds up from 2 years of mildew and moist lint. The sight of the dishwasher is unseemly but based on smell alone, I think I got you beat.


Dear Censored,

My wife is a lawyer and recently got an email from the NY State Bar Association.  They want to make covid-19 vaccinations mandatory.  There would also be no way of contesting it or rejecting the vaccine on the basis of religion.
The recommendation was written by an old hag who is afraid of dying since many of the old judges died from coronavirus during the beginning of the pandemic.   My wife raises a good point,  the court doesn’t care about the life of a child, and abortion is legal in the state of NY up to the time of birth but they care about the coronavirus.   
Shit is obviously getting (insert voice) spookeey and even alex jones levels of conspiracy where they want you to be vaccinated period.  
I like you more than a friend please tell your co-host to stop (insert liverpool accent)  “mocking about” and send me my shirt from that bet you lost.
I like you more than my son on the cover of a magazine with your new sunglasses



Dear Censored,

Your story about your dishwasher reminded me of a time many many years ago when I lived near Nags Head for a short time. We would regularly catch crabs then steam them in the dishwasher. Well, one time the dishwasher stopped working, so, we called a maintenance guy to come fix it. After a short while, he asked, “What the hell have you guys been doing?”  LMAO


p.s. Wash Satan’s vomit off you and remain positive guys.

Dear Censored,

While i don’t fit into Your ‘parameters’ of what is good, not by my choice, I’ve made it.  I’m a single, self-employed, single mother. I bust my ass, legally. I have and will continue to pay full tuition to a private, non denominational all girls school in New Orleans, $25k/annum.  because that’s what’s best for My child.  Because I made Her.  That’s My job.

I sincerely appreciate You, Ryan, and Your words.  Makes me feel I’m not alone.


Dear Censored,

Saw this, getting a little concerned bout where we’re headed. Start at 10:22


Dear Censored,

Check the first minute of Lionel, I watch him regularly and think he is pretty funny.


Dear Censored,

Long time fan of yours from your early vice days. And of the podcast.
I’m a fellow Canadian, and live in the Hamilton area outside of the pretentious overtones of Toronto.
I am also a boxer, and have similar political linings as you hence my devotion to your podcast. I find the podcast refreshing and entertaining, and am a avid listener.

What I would love to know ,is what blue collar bars you go and drink in New York you talk about all the time. I loved the reference of how you adored the bar setting of the legion ( I believe) from gran Torino.

 If I’m in the area, it would be life milestone to see you by chance at one of these establishments, and have a couple pints with one of my lifetime political heroes.

Thank you for your passion for your podcasts. They are exactly what every self respecting, hard working, person needs in their life.

– Graham from Hamilton.

If you could email me this the list of bars, the better as sometimes I miss podcasts. And I usually listened in random order. Hahaha.

Thanks again.


Dear Censored,

Comrade Biden Poster


Dear Censored,

Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Management: 2019



Dear Censored,

Have you seen New Zealand’s Foreign Minister? She’s an indigenous chick with face tattoos. You can see her at 53 seconds into the video. 

Also, have you noticed how all the headlines mention both Biden and Harris? I’m pretty sure Pence was barely mentioned when Trump won in 2016. Is this some sort of subtle brainwashing to get us ready for Kamala to take over? She’s also not the first POC to become VP… Charles Curtis holds that distinction from 1929. 


Dear Censored,

Hope this isn’t ancient Chinese secret by now


Dear Censored,

Inside look at the life of a female antifa protestor and her boyfriend.

Explains perfectly the caliber of individuals we’re dealing with.
I want to fuck you with my heels on.


Dear Censored,

What do you think of Sleaford Mods:

Two guys, one laptop.
Not from anywhere near Sleaford, but from Nottingham, East Midlands.
Their gigs are a mix of middle class arty types/graphic designers (me) andreally hard looking blokes – the atmoshpere is always tense as fuck.   
Love you more than friends


Dear Censored,

And a greetings and salutations to the most esteemed mayor of the faggiest of Fagzones and patron of the Fudgepackers and Scissors-sisters, Ryan Fagzu Rivera, Fagsquire.

Fellow naturalized Canuck here. Originally from the former Yugoslavia—which technically makes me a Third World refugee, and an expert in election rigging and Deep State coercion.

The term “Third World” was invented by Yugoslavia’s Communist dictator Tito, who, having positioned Yugoslavia on the Cold War fence, put together the Non-Aligned Movement and crowned himself “Leader of the Third World.” Tito and Yugoslavia played a major role in the corruption of the American bureaucracy and the formation and growth of the Deep State, going back to OSS operations in the Balkans during WWII and the subsequent split between Tito and Stalin in 1949. Hint: the OSS (precursor to the CIA) was chock-full of communists and commie sympathizers. In addition, the former Yugoslav states have been some of the earliest and biggest strongholds for Soros operations, and a sort of training and testing ground.

The events of the last week or so have been giving me major flashbacks of the theft of the 1994 elections in Macedonia. The bad guys won then because the good guys had been demoralized by 50 years of “repressive measures.” It’s worth noting that in declassified US intelligence reports from this period, the good guys, the nationalist-conservatives, were labeled as vaguely pro-Russian and “ultranationalist,” while the rebranded Communists, as the pro-Western moderates. The so-called International Community rushed in to bless the results and that was all she wrote. Not that it was ever a bastion of democracy, but Macedonia never recovered from it, and it even succumbed to the most shameful concessions to its neighbours a couple of years ago—essentially erasing the existence of the Macedonian people. If the Democrats succeed in stealing this election, there will never be another election in the US of A. In fact, there will be no more America.

The truth is that for the last four years we’ve already been witnessing Third World coercive and repressive measures in the US. People have been losing their jobs and have had their families and reputations ruined. This trend will continue with increasing intensity if the Democrats and their foreign allies succeed in stealing this election. The high-profile individuals and organizations that have already been harassed by the outsourced system of state coercion will be made an example, while lower-profile individuals will also begin to feel the ring close in on them. The worst part will be the total destruction of trust among people, which will lead to even more social isolation.

Now, while the situation in the US seems grim at the moment, and while some losers and sell-outs have already turned heel, and some are waiving the white flag, I don’t expect the bad guys to win this time. The American system is based on the understanding that we all subscribe to the notion of fair-play and Christian morality still rules the day. Americans are probably the nation with the highest collective morals and conscience in the world. Those who’ve unwittingly participated in the chicanery are already stepping up and blowing the whistle on it. Those who are convinced that there is treason afoot will stand their ground and insist on transparency and clarification.

Of course, the biggest advantage the good guys have right now is having God-Emperor Trump as our leader. Americans love to fight (for justice), and no one seems to relish a fight more than Your Favourite President.

The key right now is not to let the Media pressure to accept the fraudulent results and MoveOn® get to us. By the way, this is why the Fox News heel turn was so important to the riggers—it was a demoralization tactic and a low-IQ attempt at legitimizing the fraud by having “the bastion of right-wing media” lead the charge against Trump and America. We are dealing with nit-wits and walk-behinds here, not with Lex Luthor. All we need is for the first domino to fall, and then you’ll see a flurry of attempts by the culprits to de-rig the election and avoid criminal prosecution.

I like you more than my heels on,



I’ve been closely following your situation for the last 4 years—hadn’t heard of you prior—and it reminds me a lot of the persecution my family went through in the 1990s while still in Macedonia. The lesson that we learned from our experience is to be most suspicious of those who remain close to you after everyone else has been intimidated into abandoning you. Particularly, be very careful of the people who will be surrounding your wife and kids, as they will be pouring poison in their ears, like they’ve done to Kelleyanne Conway’s family.

Dear Censored,

The Left’s hypocrisy in a 3 panel toon.


Dear Censored,

Take a look at this thread and tell me what you think. Please, share if you agree with me. The numbers in Blue counties are staggering for Biden in California, and Trump’s numbers all look legit. Click through to see all info and counties. There are two threads since there are so many counties showing these “anomalies.” This is the 2nd thread that links to the first.

Even though Trump might not have won Cali, these blatant “anomalies” need to be looked into STAT.

Like you more than a friend!

Dear Censored,

When you were talking about old hot broad/big tiddy news woman Maria Baritromo, just wanted to point out that punk rock pioneer and fake Italian dumb guy/jewish ugly fella Joey Ramone wrote a very catchy tune about her in his older years before he died. 

I want to TF those old fun bags even more now that I know she is being honest about the election. 
Good evening, faggots


Dear Censored,

More ridiculousness


ear Censored,

You guys have got to check out information on Domination Voting systems.  Don’t know if you’ve already seen stuff about this on Twitter. If not, they are the system that was responsible for a miscount in a Michigan county of 6000 votes. 47 other counties using it in Michigan plus 30 states using it – all contested states using it. Seems to be ties to Nancy Pelosi and Clinton foundation. Also responsible for odd occurrences in PA and  GA. Look up @Kylenabecker on Twitter for more info. He also has a clip from Lou Dobbs show featuring Sidney Powel (Flynn’s attorney) saying related software is thought to potentially have altered count by up to 3% – more than the margins in most these races. Important to get the word out. It seems people connected to the trump campaign are aware or are becoming aware of this.


Dear Censored,

Don’t know if you read war history, but a great WWII book with a significant amount of Scottish/Cumbrian dialect that is a fun and fast read is “Quartered Safe Out Here” by George MacDonald Fraser.  Also a good human study of the insanity of the Japanese in WWII.



Dear Censored,

I recently was sending a message to a Facebook friend of mine who just joined parlar, told her to check out Gav.  I then mentioned her checking out the network and I can’t even send in a private Facebook message. Apologies if this has been brought up before but I listen to every show and don’t recall it ever being talked about. I’ve included a picture of my exchange. Thanks for your service, I wrote about my oef combat wounded veteran Husband nominating you guys for promotions but I guess it got lost in the mail like those Trump mail in ballots. Peace out losers 



Dear Censored,

Biden is going to the shadow realm


Dear Censored,

T-Shirt of the Year.


Dear Censored,

Hunter Biden porking chick


Dear Censored,

I don’t wanna sound like that crazy guy who runs around naked in the village square with a sign that reads “the end is neigh”, but open your eyes to what’s about to happen, please. What if the goal of the people orchestrating this coup isn’t to put Biden in power, but to facilitate rioting to the level of Civil War 2.0, then invade with the whole damn Chinese army while our pants are down? World War III, kicked off with the fall of the United States. A Supreme Court decision, overruling the election fraud will create such a riot and that’s part of their plan. The Left wing has proven that they are incapable of accepting such offense to their reality and they are at a maximum level of elation right now, making a tumble into despair a thing of epic proportions. They will riot till this country is on her knees, and then China will strike. Trump is far too proud to concede to a fraudulently elected President, even if he realizes it’s a trap. I feel like I’m watching a car wreck in slow motion and I’m the only one who grasps what’s about to take place. The worst part is, I don’t think there’s any way to stop the avalanch at this point. Pack a bug out bag is the best advice I can offer.


Dear Censored,

As the AOC’s of the world continue to send out their orders via social media,to “create black lists” of all of us who supported President Trump,“in order to make us pay for our sins”or “our complicity” in the “evil deeds of the Trump administration”…First, of course, we all know this is ridiculous on it’s face and I would argue the definition of evil. Second, think about this…

it has been perfectly timed to potentially cause less experienced Trump supporters to stop giving funds to the Trump campaign, for fear of ending up on this “List”. Right when they really need us in order to fight this in the courts. I would encourage everyone to continue to give if they are able. We are the on the list several times.

We looked. So Fuck it !  Let’s get it on !  Let’s take out these globalist fucks !

Fact, if you gave to the Trump campaign at all, you are already on their list.  We aren’t rich, we have kids and we only could give a little here and there over the years. You can find the first of these lists they have been compiling at

Users can look up a town and view every single person on their list, in that town,by name and address on a map.Or users can search by initial, name, location, etc. So they already know who we are.

I am begging everyone to not give up and to not give in.This really is a battle between good and evil. Thank You Guys for all you do for us !!

Hugs and Kisses with my heels on


Dear Censored,

I feel like I am in limbo with a really bad feeling of what is to come. This is why:

The Biden supporters and anyone that doesn’t like Trump are now telling everyone to get along and unite. Oookkaayy after you freaked out for four years and insulted everyone that didn’t agree with you. But interestingly, Antifa is not on this bandwagon and I think because Biden said they were an idea. Antifa sent a recent message in Oregon that they want no president at all.

So the reason I’m feeling a little uneasy is because if Trump can successfully prove that there was massive election fraud and he is awarded four more years, it is going to be  worse than four years ago. People are going to exceed the richter scales of violent meltdown.  And it may sound funny but it’s not really if they are in destruction mode and Trump doesn’t have a handle with the states on law & order. I see people that are saying that they are having their best days in four years so to take their false win away is going to cause major havoc. Justice needs to be served and election fraud needs to be exposed but only with Trump having a plan to make sure our country stays intact.

Jesse Lee Peterson just reminded me of is when he posted a biblical question today of “Did Jesus come to unite or divide?” and the answer, according to Luke 12:51-55, is that he came to divide. So that actually makes me feel better when I think of it that way.

You and Ryan be safe out there,


Dear Censored,

I found this old video about women being allowed in bars in 1967. Maybe you agree with the man at 1:02. 
Let me fuck you with my socked strapped heels on


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