Dear Censored,

I’ve been watching you for years. The more I view your content, the more I realize that when it comes to women and feminism, you’re disingenuous. It’s so obvious that you only pretend to care about women, feminism, and gender roles because you fear don’t like women getting in your way. That’s why you never say anything about all these obviously miserable childless right wing women like Ann Coulter, Lisa DePasquale, Ashe Snow, and Emily Compagno. How much does Ashe Snow even make on her stupid articles. You pretend to think women are sentient beings who can create life but yet you bitch about immigrants from the 3rd world outbreeding Westerners. You’ve even said you’re starting to agree with the Groypers that a non-white majority is a problem. So you only think white women are sentient you dumb fucking racist. Also, saying women are sentient is as stupid as saying you believe women have kidneys. Sentience is being able to be aware which all non-brain dead people like you have in common. Also, breeding gives women the same value as monkeys and all mammals. Also, calling dissing the housewife sexist is stupid being saying that women should be housewives is the definition of sexism seeing as sexism is a Marxist term invented in 1960 to destroy trad gender roles. Also, you bitch about nannies and daycares but yet you put your children in Marxist public school which is statically wayyyy worse than the formers. Btw, most Trump supporters have their children out of wedlock and single motherhood. You never say shit about that.
P.S, you made all your on a magazine dedicated to destroying society. Also, I don’t really care about women’s feelings seeing that they are alone because they date assholes and douchebags. 
Fuck you,


Dear Censored,

My name is Alina and I am reaching out on behalf of Wizer.

#BlackLivesMatter is affecting the world in a profound way, bringing the plight of African Americans into the limelight. Its effects are far-reaching, and it is occurring in tandem with the COVID-19 pandemic.
As you already noticed, many businesses have identified with the protest of BlackLivesMater during the COVID-19, but not all of them have managed to do it right.

I was digging around for information about the current situation and came across your page.
(Really good information and resources, I didn’t even know about some of them).

If you’re interested, we just shared key findings regarding this situation;
New Study Reveals: Brands Have No Choice To Tackle Social Issues (Including BLM).

Would you consider adding this to your page as an additional resource? 
It would be a tremendous help! 🙂

Either way, keep up the great work and stay safe!

Dear Censored,

Dude what is this I can’t even comprehend it. A skit pre-recorded shown during a stand up act? This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

Best regards,


Dear Censored,

When you played the feminist animation at the close of yesterday’s show, you repeated the quote ‘there is no female Mozart because there is no female jack the ripper’.

With your vast and ever expansive knowledge, it surprised me to notice that you didn’t recognise this as a quote from Camille Paglia, author of the 1990 best seller Sexual Personae; a book loathed by feminists and leftists.

It made me wonder if you were aware of Camille Paglia at all. If you are, I’d like to know what you think of her contribution to the anti-wokeness movement over the past 3 decades. I see loads of parallels between your ideas and her cultural/social analysis.

P.S please tell Ryan, from one fag to another, it gets better.


Dear Censored,

Watch this awesome videos of celebrities getting absolutely ripped off in front of the camera. They’re such retarded pussies.

Best regards,


Dear Censored,

Great vid of an awesome cop putting a punk ass kid in his place.  No need to time stamp.  Whole vid is entertaining.  My son likes your new symbo’s.  Bye.


Dear Censored,

I don’t know if this is ancient Chinese secret, but its worth 60 seconds of your time


Dear Censored,

I watched this shitty movie on Amazon called Wade In the Water. The tagline said “modern day Taxi Driver” which piqued my interest. Any hoot, it’s about a 500+ lb guy who murders a pedophile and then becomes friends with the pedophile’s teenage daughter. Watching this fat piece of shit protagonist for 90 minutes was rough. Definitely had a hard time suspending my disbelief over most of the plot. I think it’s a drama and not a comedy. It’s not unwatchable enough to be considered horrible, I give it a 5.7/10. Very student-filmy.
Just look at this enormous slob.


Dear Censored,

I was listening to your senior correspondent (Your Father) talking about how his father was a union leader.  I want to comment on my union which covers government employees and how bad it is.

You know how typically when there is a Union involved it is Management Vs Union Workers right?

Imagine a union that includes workers and management.  So our government controlled union is pretty much our management. So if we have a grievance we have to go to management to complain about management which doesn’t work because management which is the union does not want to fight management.

When I tell this to other workers in the postal union other unions they can’t believe a union would allow management to be involved and be the majority of Union Officers.

Our union AFSCME Council 31 is so bad a recent Supreme Court due to our unions incompetence changed the way ALL PUBLIC UNIONs are run.

Basically you can Opt out of a Union now if your a government employee but that union still has to represent you and provide you union services you are not paying for.


Dear Censored,

Hey Gapin McAnus and Grand Poobah of the Queer Clubhouse,

Every time our family goes on vacation there is always a problem with my sister, she acts horrible, from talking behind everyone’s back, to saying horrible mean things about my brother, mother and other sister. She ruines every family vacation or family get together.  The family dynamic with my sister reminds me of the 1980’s Twilight Zone movie scene “It’s a Good Life” where everyone is nervous because a  little shithead kid has mental powers and nobody wants to upset him because he will banish them to hell or remove their mouth. When she shows up, the mood turns to shit, my mom and dad are afraid if they say anything she will not let them see their grandkids, so they don’t say a fucking word.

A little back story, we are a famliy of six, with four kids, we grew up in a small town, went to church, my dad owned a small newspaper, printing shop and was an entrepreneur, my mom worked at a local daycare then became the editor of the paper, very normal and great childhood, it was fun as hell.  When my sister turned 18 she went to the university of Oregon and that was 20 years ago.  She was there one year and started calling me an Anglo white male and it just got worse from there.  Now she lives in LA with her UCLA professor husband, whom I really like. 

While on vacation this summer, I was having a conversation about guns with my other brother in-law and my sister came in and decided to start lecturing me about Trevon Martin, so you can imagine how that went.  The conversation soon escalated from the usual bullshit leftist garbage to Trump.  Within a few minutes she finally had enough and said something she had been wanting to say for many years, she called me a racist (probably 6 times) then called my brother a racist, finally she said, anyone who votes for Trump is a racist, (I looked around the room and I started counting, I know my mom, dad and brother all Trump supporters) which I replied, what about a black person who votes for Trump, stunned for a second, she said, black people can’t be racist, which I replied, HOW CONVIENIENT.  Instead of me laughing in her face, I got fucking pissed, told her how out of line she was and on and on, but this started a huge fight between us, lots of yelling, screaming and her acting like a complete insane person to my brother also. She was out of her mind, yelling fuck and getting an inch away from my brother. You should have seen the look on my 70 year old mother’s face.  The next day she wanted to talk to us, but did not apologize, she said we were complicate in Donald Trump’s racism, I told her to stop lying to the whole famliy and get right with god, she said no!  She ruined two pressious days of our vacation and when we all said goodbye, I saw my father start crying, which I have only seen that twice in my life.  My father, mother, brother and I run our family business and we all work very hard most of the year, so our vacations a very important to us.  That was in July.

I froze my sister out in the next few months and she actually started acting nice to me, asking my mom if I was upset at her, saying she apologized (which she didn’t) to wanting pictures of our newborn and sending me a gift card when I had surgery. I weakened on her, because I do love her, but I do not trust her, don’t like her and am still pissed at what she did to my family.

My mom told me about a month ago that she wanted to come home for Christmas and I wanted to rip into her right there, but I didn’t.  I am going to confront her because I don’t want her to highjack Christmas and make it fucking misreable. Christmas in our family is about god, kids and relaxation. 

Question:  Should I let her have it, let it go or a mixture of both.   I have this conversation in my head about a million times, going from completely pissed where I tell her if she pulls that shit during Christmas, I will pack her family up and send her ass back to LA.

I am the oldest brother and as she points out constantly, the alpha male in the family.   Something has to be said.  How should I handle this?

You have a great show, keep it up.



Have Ryan look up the 80’s version  The nervousness of the family gives me the heebie jeebies

Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

I thought you’d get a kick out of this guy. The whole video is hilarious, but I queued up the best part for you guys.

This New Mexico state senator went on the news and called a trump rally a super spreader event and said the people who attended were rioters. He later received 3 threatening voice mails. The last one says, “we’re gonna get you out of office one way or another” he proceeds to call the police and then has a hissy fit when they show up. He proceeds to leave the city because he’s so afraid.

The best parts are at:
13:05 when they enter his apartment, he’s on the phone crying to someone, 14:53 possible video drop “Please don’t talk down to me”
15:28 when he plays them the recording, and they don’t consider it a threat, so he kicks them out.

Timecoded links @ 13:05 @ 14:53 @ 15:28
Regular link
Like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Gents, please see below link and time within screenshot

Dear Censored,

Gavin, the part of your book “Death of Cool” that had me dying in shocked laughter was when you nervously farted in your friends face by accident as he awoke to the horror of his mom possibly being killed on 9/11… It was so fucked up and I still laugh about it to this day. (not sure what that says about me) That vivid and terrible scene from your book has me wondering if a seasoned war movie veteran like yourself has ever been startled enough during a battle scene that you farted. 

Also, if you ever got startled enough that you found yourself dying in Ryan’s arms during a war movie, what do you think your last words to the wee lad would be? Sorry to go so dark with my question, but you started it by accidentally farting in your friends face on 9/11.

God bless the both ya, and fuck ISIS, ANTIFA and all the rest of them terrorist clowns!

Your flatulent friend


Dear Censored,

 I was watching some of your Rebel media archives (When you were younger and funnier), when I came across the one that you did on /Pol/ trolling Shia Laqueef, and you said that “The right has become the fun side”… Now I wanted to remind you that we still are, but our only problem is that most of us Zoomers still can’t figure out how to get laid.

For instants there is this guy called Negative Xp (see picture) who does Incel-core punk on Youtube:

Negative Xp – 1965

He also has made

“Negative Xp – Scott pilgrim vs the world ruined a whole generation of woman”, which made all the E-girls on TikTok Seethe.

   So I was thinking that if the famous G-Dog could bring him once on his show, to talk about punk and maybe guide him and many of us zoomers out of Inceldom.

I Want to cum all over your beard, and hairy neck and chest and make you beg for it <3

Love you long time.


Dear Censored,

Over and over these lefties are depending on the white men they hate to
make them relevant. To give them value.

This female “comedian” depends on a white man for her comedy. Without
Louie C she has absolutely nothing. With Louie C she’s awful but gets
attention from woke unfunny liberals.

BLM does the same. Without white men they have no movement. In their
eyes a black man’s death only has value if they are killed by a white
cop. The value of BLM is built upon the currency of white men.


Dear Censored,

   I hope this letter finds you well days before Thanksgiving, but I found this video to be disturbingly relevant..      Maybe it is just me and I did not fact check any of this but everything he brings up sounds an awful lot like what is going on today. I don’t think Hulu or Disney plus were around back then but it is a good way to keep us content from going to tourist attractions if you ask me.   I like your Budweiser bag more than a friend


Dear Censored,

Great sound drop at 0:10 and throughout this security-guard harassment. 
I Admire you much more than an appropriate amount for friendship, including the possibility of sexual favor.


PS: FB ads have been so woke lately that Aeropostale has a model that is a minority of a minority.

Dear Censored,

The world could sure use this monologue from Morgan Freeman again. “Like men!” Yes, that is what we need.
Start at 1:10.


Dear Censored,

Yesterday you asked whether tuning up was Slang for sex. In Australia when you are ‘tuning’ a girl it means you are trying to get in her pants but tuning up also means fighting. So not sure how the Canadians landed somewhere in the middle 


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