Dear Censored,

Did these boys play into the hands of the left? 
Video Investigation: The Proud Boys Were Key Instigators in Capitol Riot


Dear Censored,

Black American football players always say that the team ownership and higher up jobs are not diverse. That team owners are exactly that owners of black players. “Could you imagine if the races were reversed”. Their would be no more whites in the nfl. Really imagine them having 100% percent ownership of anything. Anyway every time I hear that jingle I see Blacks running the nfl telling whites “nigga please”.


Dear Censored,

I met the couple that killed the white baby. I had to pull them from their vehicle when they arrived at the hospital. I can only say so much without breaking HIPPA. Anyways, I didn’t know what had happened at the time, all I knew was that it was bad. She came into the hospital looking like she came from a Walmart in the ghetto, 8 HOURS after the baby was brought in, which is sketchy as hell. I immediately called because it tripped a security measure. Before the cops arrived I had to go outside and pull the husband inside. I’m a fighter but by no-means was I going to escalate the situation, especially when he had no clue they were caught. So I lied, told him the nurse wanted to speak to him. Once inside, they were brought into a room and once the cops went inside the woman started doing that loud & annoying scream/cry only women can do. Her and her trashy husband were arrested. Hope they burn in hell. On the off chance you actually read this, I wanted to thank you for your advice. It helped me get married and become close to a sub-4 mile runner.


Dear Censored,

That Candace Owens Clip is ancient chinese history. CSPAN uploaded it to YouTube in September of 2019.


Dear Censored,

On your journey to find a new home may I suggested Wilmington NC. Wilmington is port city and very blue collar. It’s super affordable, lots to do, and filled with beautiful architecture. The people are very patriotic and all have that southern kindness. There are some downside like traffic is summer is annoying but not nearly as bad as New York. If you don’t want to live in the city there are small towns very close like South Port. South port is the 4th of July town  there are American flags and trump flags everywhere still. Just one sniff 


Dear Censored,

I also have noticed that all my dreamgirls in the 80s were 30!! But have you noticed while watching back movies from the 80s, girls in their mid or late 30s look like they are 60?? Here is one from Terminator. The “wrong” Sarah Connor actress was 36 in this scene!! How does this factor in to your boner’s equation?

– P. Enis

Dear Censored,

Check out the video below, it’s a lovely piece of propaganda. There seems to be a lot of speculation in this video “investigation” but not much substance. 
It like you’ve said, if members of the Shriners were at the Capital then the Shriners must have been responsible, how absurd. 
All cats are mammals, are dogs are mammals therefore, all cats are dogs. 
I like your new sunglasses. 

Video Investigation: Proud Boys Were Key Instigators in Capitol Riot
The Proud Boys, a far-right group, have tried to downplay their role in the Capitol riot. A WSJ Investigation shows that at many of the day’s key moments the Proud Boys were at the forefront. Photo Illustration: Laura Kammermann

Read in The Wall Street Journal:


Dear Censored,

Did you hear Kamala’s little joke when she received the second dose of the vaccine?

– Heather

Dear Censored,

Last live show you asked what Viagra Boys frontmans forehead tattoo says – “LÖS”. It’s swedish for “loose”, in this context it basically means “fun to be around” or “socially unhinged” in a good way. The singer Sebastian Murphy is also a great tattoo artist check him out!

Have a good one, best wishes from snowy Sweden 🙂


Dear Censored,

What’s up fags. This was hilarious, give it like 10 seconds to get going


Dear Censored,

Saw this on someone’s Instagram story who also lives in Houston. Is this something you are seeing other places as well? 


Dear Censored,

Check out this news article on the BBC Pidgin website about some dozy bitch popping her clogs after twerking on stage in Ghana.

Read it in your best “De Poo Poo” accent for maximum lols.
You’re welcome. 


Dear Censored,

I thought a bit about what you said about being attracted to 30 year olds as a young boy between the age of around 8-10. I would quess that your mother had you around the age of 20, meaning that she would be around the age of 28-30. Having a sexual interest in women in the same age range as your own mother would indicate a psycological dissorder called, Oedipus complex, which means that you have an unhealty sexual relationsship with your mother.

Now, I’m not saying that you have that but it could be worthwhile looking in to it with a behaviroal therapist, since there is no man on earth who wuold consider a 30 year old women more attactive than a 20 year old…just basic science (since women hide their fertility, the only determining factor men have into chosing a more fertile women is her age).

Anyways, hope you get the help you need, much love Alexander.


Dear Censored,

very short, but gold.


Dear Censored,

Happening Gdog I’ve been rewatching Only Fools and Horses from the beginning seen all of the episodes loads of times, but I still find it hilarious reminds me of old school comedy’s that used to be on tv all the time not like the shite nowadays, anyway what I want to ask is what is your favourite British/Scottish comedy shows or comedies also ask Ryan if he has any favourite UK comedy show. Cheers 



Dear Censored,

What’s up Gavin and fucker from the fag zone,
Today I got a little riled up over the stupid ass mask situation. I can’t stand it when people try and tell you to correct the way you’re wearing your mask. What is the best response when people try and pull this shit?
I’ve included a prime example of how they do this


Dear Censored,

He isn’t walking with a cane because he got blows to the head, he got 3 or 4 kicks to his calf that he didn’t check. These swelled up and caused him to only have one leg, he didn’t even get KO he got TKO and didn’t even get his lights shut off.

Everyone hates Conor because he used to be a super cocky asshole but he stopped doing coke and is much more mellow now. 
He just needs to work on his game because the calf kick is the new move in MMA right now, and he’s left-handed so he stands with his right leg forward. This allows for a regular stance calf kick to hit the vulnerable part of the leg. Conor also still stands in a closed karate stance, but he wasn’t even using his kicks against Dustin. 
He probably bet a whole shit-ton of money against himself and just took a dive. He did the same thing against Nate Diaz their first fight. The odds were 10:1 for Conor, so all he had to do was take a dive and cash in. 
He will come back and beat the shit out of some can then beat up Porier for the belt down the line.
Cheers bro!


Dear Censored,

You gotta take a look at this site on your show.
The boomers suck, good times create weak men.



Dear Censored,

Just saw your last GOML episode, my boyfriend and I recently moved to Fort Myers from New England, I feel what you’re saying! We were just talking about how we never want to live in a blue area again. Southwest FL is is fucking chill highly recommend. Cool mangroves, beaches (jetskiing) tropical fruit, tampa and miami nearby have okay culture/music scene. The people are overall more tolerant and crazy in a wild way whereas I find the northeast more crazy in a judgemental boring way. And everything is wide open my band is able to book shows down here, there’s no way we could do that in the northeast right now. Anyway check it out!

Our bands new single:

P.s I used to live in MTL and had mutual friends with your brother Kyle, crashed in his guest room a few times lol


Dear Censored,

The logic of two masks summed up by the logic of wearing two hats. 


Dear Censored,

I was watching a paralyzed person boxing a person strapped to a wheelchair and I feel like the guy strapped to the chair had an unfair advantage. Even if you’re unable to move your legs wouldn’t you be able to generate more power if you can move your hips? The fight was surprisingly technical and brutal. You and Coppercab should do a rematch without the use of your legs.


Dear Censored,

Long time sub. I saw this amateur docu on YouTube claiming Gavin was at the riots and hates jews. Video @12:09

+ This newly released WSJ video claims PB were key instigators

Let me eat your ass,


Dear Censored,

I am happy to see you leaving that shit hole. 
I would highly consider Tennessee over North Carolina. East Tennessee to be specific. Knoxville, Maryville. I am from Utah and lived in Knoxville for a few years. Loved it. 
Few reasons: 1: Cost of living is extremely low. Check out Zillow and what you can get for $1M. 2: No state income tax.3: Relatively mild summers compared to NC, Florida, and Texas. 4: Great schools for your kids.5: Outdoor activities are immense. Inexpensive golf, Smoky Mountains within 40 minutes, Tennessee River, University of Tennessee. 6: Great High School sports culture for your kids. This area produces many great athletes. 7: Die hard red area. MAGA country at it’s finest. 8: Blue collar city. Named the Scruffy City. 
If the west is an option, look at the Heber Valley in Utah. This photo is from my deck. 
Keep up the fight. 


Dear Censored,

Happened across this bit of info and thought you’d get a chuckle, or perhaps a wince of the wallet:
^ start and end time are already set in that link, but if Ryan somehow bungles it up, it’s 32:19 of

Also, I’ll toss the proverbial Tennessee hat into the McInnes family moving mentation, if only to counteract the incoming hoards of Commifornia Con-Inc leeches like Shapiro — some highlights of the state:
 – No state income tax, however there is a 1-2% tax on income from interest and dividends.
 – Relatively low property taxes
 – Tons of natural beauty everywhere outside the shit-hole cities

Anyhoo, that’s my brief pitch of TN, but if it didn’t tilt the scale, then you may want to check out — it’s a site updated ~2-3 years by the CATO institute that allows you to do a custom ranking of states based on freedoms you find most important.

God bless and stay safe up there in Huomo country.


Dear Censored,

I’ll keep it brief, boys. Just want to extend my sincere thanks for being such a great voice all these years. I’ve been reading and listening for a hot minute. I was a total fuckup in my teens and early twenties. But in my mid-twenties I really turned things around. Applied to seminary to be a pastor (near graduation at this point), got married, and now I’ve got a kid on the way. And these life changes are due in no small part to solid role models like yourself.

You’re doing the Lord’s work, whether you recognize it or not.

Also, since you’re moving, I’d consider eastern Tennessee or North Carolina. I know you’ve already expressed interest in the latter. But TN would be ideal as well. Beautiful scenery, authentic southern folk, and sufficiently red.

Thanks for all you do, guys.



Dear Censored,

 do a drawing of you dressed up like Elvis singing in the Ghetto to a black child?


Dear Censored,

Watching the part on yesterday’s episode about your son’s maths question, I was quite perplexed as to why his teacher would mark him wrong, even though the answer was correct. Incidentally, the way your son arrived at his answer was the right way to do things too, e.g., start by multiplying and expanding the brackets out. 
In the UK (it is probably similar elsewhere) maths classes use an easy-to-remember acronym called BODMAS, or alternatively, BIDMAS (pics attached explaining this). This is useful because you simply follow the mathematical order of BODMAS whenever you are confronted with an equation, like your son’s question.

As a teacher (although not a mathematics teacher), I find it strange as to why your son’s teacher would not give him the full marks for his answer. Everything he did was correct.
It’s hard not to look at this as another example of education proving it’s not fit for purpose. I think a lot of educators don’t really know anything beyond ‘that’s racist/sexist/hateful!’.
I like your new sunglasses!


Dear Censored,

Hello Gavin and lord of the swag zone

I’ve been a long-time fan of the show and watch as often as I can. Gavin has a very great esoteric and well-rounded understanding of culture and music but one genre I’ve never heard you mention is that of outlaw country from the 60s and 70s with the greats such as Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. If not, you should check out some of the email links that I’ve attached as they are pretty cool and I think you’d like them.

Merle Haggard had some cool America first songs that I think you would like, the first one from late in his career but very catchy and positive about putting America first

The second one is a classic I’m sure you’ve heard before but in case you haven’t

The second artist is Waylon Jennings is the more fun side of it and his life is pretty interesting if you get into it he was apart of the buddy holly band in its early days and only didn’t die in the fatal plane crash that killed holly because he gave up his seat for another band member the day of the crash. he would run around with Johhny Cash and had a crazy party life in the 1960s doing around 1,500 dollars on cocaine a day as he says which promptly got him investigated by the DEA and he has a song on this which is pretty fun

Again if you already know all this just ignore the email but I’ve never heard you mention it so thought I’d share. wasn’t sure you’d care for the genre until you featured the Tom T Hall song


Dear Censored,

Debbie Harry on the album cover for parallel lines is a 9.3. It’s the pouty look. She looks like she’s unimpressed with your cock.

Dear Censored,

I happened upon a different take on the black poet from the Inauguration, they are definitely more Woke than you.

Jump to 1:11:38


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

an we get a whiteboard to mark down all of Ryan’s fuck ups through out the year. Some type of consequence for going over x amount of mistakes.  You have to treat him like a child. Ryan is hilarious but the amount of mistakes is unbelievable.


Dear Censored,

Check out this video. Deep thoughts parody. Pretty funny.
Start at 2:55

Glad to hear you came to your senses and decided to leave NY. Conservatives are no longer safe in blue states. You’re not even allowed to defend yourself in states with Soros AGs. 
Keep fighting the good fight patriot brother


Dear Censored,

by Linda Jordan©2021

(Jan. 25, 2021) — Iconic bass and guitar intro. “They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway….”

When I was in elementary school that song played in the background of a Radio Free Europe advertisement. (1) I listened to it on a little transistor radio that was given to me at Christmas when I was around nine years old. That 30-second radio spot had a huge impact on me. At that tender age I became cognizant that people existed who were not free and who were not allowed to talk.

Around the same time The Diary of Anne Frank was on television. It was a big deal in our house. My older brothers and sisters talked about it all week before it aired. They were allowed to stay up and watch it but I didn’t make the cut. It came on past my bedtime. I ended up sneaking downstairs, crawling under a table, with some cheddar cheese and raisins to munch on, and watched the movie in the reflection of our dining room window.  I’m sure my Mom knew I was there but she didn’t let on.

I think she was impressed by my effort.

By fourth grade I knew enough about the dark forces of communism and fascist dictators to terrify me without even knowing the names of what terrified me.

I knew that little girls and their families had to hide in attics or die. I knew that people were not allowed to talk freely or read a newspaper so they had to hide and talk in whispers and listen to news on a secret radio station. I also knew what the Iron Curtain was.

I even used my knowledge of it to torment my little sister one time. We were playing outside in a pasture when she ended up on one side of a barbed wire fence with me on the other. I immediately got real serious and told her that she was on the other side of the Iron Curtain and that she would never, ever be able to come back to this side. She would never see our Mom again or any of us and if she tried to cross over, she would be killed. I kept it up until she was sobbing good and hard and then I figured out a way to save her before we got shot. I was a bloody hero.

I could make a game of it because, even as a child, I understood that those bad things happened in other countries. Not in America.

Those childhood days are gone. Democrats, who have fully embraced the radical left, are now using the tactics favored by Dictators, Communists and Fascists, here in America.  They became unhinged and undone (2) after Trump won the 2016 election, fair and square, and concocted a plan to do “whatever it takes” to get rid of him in 2020.

Recipe for a Coup

4 years of relentless attacks on the duly elected President of the United States (3)

8 months of virus, product of China, use it to destroy economy, terrify, control & isolate citizens (4)

Not even a pinch of church (5)

5 months of sustained rioting in American cities, use BLM and Antifa brands (6)

Increase Presidential Election Day to Presidential Election Months (7)

Add millions of fake, fraudulent ballots, make sure to use blue ballots NOT red (8)

Be increasingly censorious with the first amendment (9)

1,776 cups of shredded Constitution, the American kind (10)

Sprinkle with judges who are adverse to doing their job (11)

Mix in at the very last an imitation Trump insurrection to mask the taste of the real Democrat sedition (12)

The cherries on top, Republicans who lack courage(13)

Dietary warning: If you love America and freedom don’t eat this.

On January 6th, 2021 the Democrats stuck a fork in it.

For the rest of the article:

Dear Censored,

possible solution I saw looking at supplements. Maybe this stuff comes in a face cream or something, you gotta do something by the way!

#NoHomo hugs to Gav
#ItMovedAlittle hugs to Rye-Guy and
Hottttt Shitttt! 


 to Gar-Bear


Dear Censored,

 To Gavin and El karate Man 
Jacksonville is not the best. The surrounding area is ok but the closer you get to the city the worse it is. It’s like little Atlanta.  If you want to be in that area though Saint Augustine is probably the best bet. 
Don’t bother with Panama City it was obliterated by a hurricane and it looks like the apocalypse actually happened there. 
Avoid Orlando at all costs. It’s the most blue part of Florida.  It’s so blue that it had over 100% voter turn out for the last election. There is some AnTiFa there. Also the Disney traffic is trash and noone from Orlando can drive so if like your car you won’t like it here.
Most of the Old lefties fleeing NYC are filling up the space cost so watch out for that.
Hillsborough is a blue county because the affluent millennials kicked all the ethnicity out of Tampa to turn the city into a kinda small town hipster haven. But Madill AFB is there so there’s a sizable read streak just outside the city. 
Polk county is almost completely red. Look up sheriff Grady Judd you will understand.
South Florida is just part of Cuba. It’s a fun place but the closer you get to Miami the higher the crime rate climbs. Not uncommon to robbed in broad daylight Terrible place to raise a kid that doesn’t speak Spanish. Great to visit though.
Avoid Living in Clearwater. The area is beautiful and the homes are all seas side plots but the church of scientology owns the entire area down the the utilities. 
I f you’re going to drive the state Ireccomend taking 27 to Miami instead of 75.  Its longer but its more scenic.
Also keep in mind that Florida is the most unsafe place for bikers in the US.  So stay safe.
I like your new sunglasses and you’re going to need them. The sun is not joke is this 


Dear Censored,

I have a couple of things:

I haven’t been able to figure out your taste in music for the longest time.  We share a ton of bands like the streets, strokes (I’m 38)  I’m also a big Pogues/Shane MacGowan but could never get into hardcore.  Yesterday I realized that music is like women.  You have your tens like Journey or Mariah Carey but you also have your five and sixes like razornight.  Sure I appreciate a photoshopped Playboy centerfold but if I had to choose I’d take a 40 year old, slightly chubby, mother of two…

I’m from Wisconsin.  I appreciate the cold weather.  Also lived in SF which is hands down the best climate on Earth.  But I’ve lived in Milton/Alpharetta, GA for about 10 years now.  (ATL suburb) Very MAGA.  My Milton precinct was 75% Trump.  Still see Trump flags and yard signs all over the place.

Summers suck in the south but it’s the same from Louisiana all the way through Virginia.  I think DC has a worse summer than ATL.  The play is to be close to the mountains.  A ton of Floridians and ATLiens go to Highland, NC in the summer.  Because of the elevation the worst high will be like 85.  ATL gets to like 92 in August.  You can also get a direct flight to anywhere from here.  We do day trips to NYC frequently.

If you do Florida check out 30A.  Seaside & watercolor are amazing.  That’s were Matt Gaetz is from.  Only 6 hour drive from ATL.

Love you Ry and G


Dear Censored,

Order of ops:
Please: parenthesis
Excuse: exponents
My: multiplication
Dear: division
Aunt: addition
Sally: subtraction

But your right, the right answer is the right fucking answer, the end.  I’m an engineer working for a national lab, and getting numbers correct is always more important than how you get there. 

Fucking hell…when I get new engineers that are 10 years or less in the work industry, I have to unfuck their brains in how they perceive to be productive and accomplish work due to the lib education that has creeped into STEM.



Dear Censored,

Just wanted to pitch Wilmington NC for you political refugees. It’s near beaches (Wrightsville Beach/Carolina Beach) and is chock full of righties. 
Lots of activities for families, and there are even some gays for Ryan to cavort with!
It’s also near the SC border, so you can visit your pal Anthony!,_North_Carolina
Get On My Lawn,


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