Dear Censored,

Have you looked into what is actually in the so called “vaccine?” (it is not actually a vaccine by definition) I believe you (Gavin) said you would not be getting it. I have watched Bill Gates talk about “nano particles” that go into your DNA and re-wire it so that it fights off the virus. That alone is a hard NO for me and my family. Also, how about the other ingredient “Luciferase?” Really, Lucifer is in the name? I hate to be an anti vaxx conspiracy theorist, but this is just too much. Bill Gates is on Youtube talking about how these Nano bots will rewire your DNA. He also slips in that it will help curve the population in a certain video. Everyone I talk to about this vax has no idea that it has any of this shit in it. They also can’t wait to get it. Even though they have told us that the vax will NOT stop you from getting sick, it will NOT stop you from spreading it, it will NOT stop the face diaper rules to enter stores, and it will NOT let everyone go back to work. You will also have to get a new vax every few months, just like your phone gets OS updates. That is why we are starting to hear about new strains, they will probably require a new needle. There is talk that these nanoparticles can send and receive info. This is trans-humanism. Mark of the beast. Lowered immune systems, skin rashes and allergic reactions are common. That is only what we know now, who knows what will happen in 10 years or when these people go to have children. Why would anyone get this? Especially people who have not even gotten sick. Anyone else notice the common cold and flu is a thing of the past? There are videos getting scrubbed from the internet everyday of people fainting, having permanent seizures, lumps under the arm, saying they feel dazed, confused, dizzy and also straight up dying (Hank Aaron was the latest celeb) Oh yea and now Bill Gates owns the majority of farmland in the U.S. He is also on record for being a depopulation guy. How long until all the beef and chicken gets a “new strain?” I really wish more people would look into this and “Just Say No” because I feel like it is only a matter of time before it becomes mandatory for people to enter stores, kids to go to school and even order from Amazon. Look at how they give you a card to show everyone that you got the jab. Yellow star in 1940s Germany. Don’t believe the lie that they just created this vaccine for covid, this has been in the works for years. No one would ever have taken it though, they had to have a plandemic in place and tell you that this is the cure. Sorry to jump around so much but please, do your own research on non google internet and I think what you will find is down right scary. Proud of your boy. Keep fighting the good fight Gavin. Love you, 


Dear Censored,

I may have a new addition for the Censored.TV cast for you to look into. His name is Reactor (David Richter) he is a YouTuber that has worked with Joey Saladino in the past. He is most well known for abusing Reddit’s systems and his satire content, he recently released a 45 minute long Trump documentary that got removed for a community guideline strike within the day and it might be a good thing to debut on Censored. His Twitter got banned and his YouTube will probably be soon behind. I just don’t want to see this talent go to waste. Please look into him before he gets completely deplatformed.

not sure if you can reach him anywhere else because he may be banned.


Dear Censored,

“ASIAN” gang. Those “Asians” really start em young…

I like you more than a friend, but hate this clown world…


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Someone recommended Desitin for Your eye bags that You constantly discuss.  Try Preparation H.  Reduces swelling in a heartbeat, is a trick that the competition beauty pageant ladeez have used forever, doesn’t fuckup their makeup, and does so quickly.  And those bitches are serious.
Also, stop giving the King of all Riceballs grief about messing with his hair.  You’re worse.


Dear Censored,

I came across this video on YouTube that lists the name of 200 rappers that died last year along with their cause of death. The number dead from gun violence is staggering and highlights the disproportionate level of black on black violence. Interestingly the only guy on this list who died from a police shooting was white, a real narrative breaker.

I like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

This one is for Dumb, (not you Ryan, you’re Dumber). Gavin, I’m offering my help as you continue your recent exploration into the question, “Am I a Dumb?” I present one more piece of evidence for your investigation.

Exhibit 1: You’re complete mischaracterization of Steven Pinker and his book, The Blank Slate. Could you be more wrong? Yes, you could have asked Ryan for his take, but all I need is the full title to prove my point (emphasis mine):

The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature

Pinker wrote the book to tell liberals “Hey morons, it’s called human nature, not human nurture”. Pinker is arguing against the blank slate while defending human nature. That is the inherited, genetic, biologically-directed nature To dismiss Pinker your dismissing a high-IQ liberal who calls out modern liberals cuz he agrees with you Gavin.

Here is a clip of Pinker defending James Damore and his Google Memo. Remember the Google engineer who pointed out women are more neurotic than men? That’s the reason Google fired him, cuz that’s the reason why a bunch of women at Google feared for their safety and refused to return to work unless he was fired. No, not because women are more neurotic than men, it’s because that was sexist, cuz there is no way women are more neurotic than men you bigot!

Check out the first 2 minutes in the link below where idiot Howard Dean slanders Damore and Pinker runs defence (not a typo Amerimutts):

I expect you to present yourself, heels on of course.

Cheers, love ya fags like fags,


Dear Censored,

Thought I’d share some retardation with you. My fiancée is a vet technician here in the Adirondacks and comes home with some wild stories about her leftist coworkers all the time. The other day she tells me about a German Shepherd someone brings in and couldn’t afford the surgery it needed. So the owner signs the dog over legally to the hospital for them to take care of it because it was the only way he could save his dogs life. Surgery goes well and the dogs perfectly fine and healthy, but now they need to find it a new home. But it turns out her coworkers had done some background research on the previous owner and he was some sort of a Republican official at some point in the area, and he had named the dog Eva. So they throw two and two together and come up with the theory that this guy named his German shepherd after Eva Braun because he’s a Republican and republicans are obviously nazis. So they go to the trouble to legally change the name of the dog so she wasn’t supposedly named after hitlers wife. Poor dog loses its owner and then it’s name just because leftists aren’t over some German loser that killed himself. 
I want to fuck your new sunglasses in the fag zone,

P.S. any updates on John? I write to him/send him books because I live only 40 mins away from Malone, but I haven’t heard from him in a little bit. 

Dear Censored,

I would like to nominate the attached photo to ”the gayest photo of the year” contest.


Dear Censored,

I had an idea for a class action lawsuit against Don Lemon for libel or slander or defamation when he called every person that voted for Trump a white supremacist. It’d be pretty hard for Don’s lawyers to convince a jury the black and brown people are in the clan.

Keep up the good work.

Dear Censored,

You have recently been making a lot of errors regarding names (the last 2 weeks in particular). The most recent example was “Dan” Winslow. It is often the first name that you fuck-up though occasionally it’s the full name. In the recent episode, “Sexy Times,” you hypothesized that your sparring made you forget phrases like ‘Motion to Dismiss’ and it occurred to me that this may also explain all the inaccuracies and malapropisms with names.

Though many of us rightfully look to you for entertainment, you have become somewhat of a thought leader in these troubled times, hilarious as that may be for an admitted pants-pisser. It is not my intention to nitpick: I merely ask that you kindly consider laying off the sparring for a while so that you may stay sharp and, in turn, facilitate greater accuracy in those who may use your arguments in real life.

Kind Regards,


Dear Censored,

I used to think I liked the book, but this horrible shit show displays how corny and contrived a lot of his writing actually is. This new series is so bad.  Of course the devil is portrayed by a tall, handsome, blond haired blue eyed white man, and all that is good in the world is portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg.   Her acting is painfully bad, as is the writing and dialogue.   Also, she is supposed to be 108 years old, but looks like she is 65. I guess even in this fantasy world black don’t crack.

If you want to be annoyed for weeks on end, watch this hunk of shit.


Dear Censored,

I’m an episode behind because I can’t figure out how to watch your show live & y’all muthafuckas never respond to my email. Maybe spend a few bucks to pay someone to respond to and reorganize all incoming email. 
Yours truly,Hottish


1:41-2:53 or thereabouts.

Dear Censored,

Hearing you talk about women’s suffrage the other day reminded me about an Alex Jones interview with Aaron Russo in 2006.

Aaron Russo was friend’s with Nicholas Rockefeller. Rockefeller admitted that the Rockefeller Foundation funded women’s liberation for two reasons:

  1. To tax the other half of the population.
  2. Getting children into school’s earlier to indoctrinate them and separate the family.

As Mr. Russo puts it, “the kids start to look at the state as the family, at the school, as the officials, as their family; not the parents.”

Spookyyyy ehhh?


Dear Censored,

you retard… goats do not eat tin. I own a dozen goats, they eat a lot of things, but definitely not tin or anything metal. They are in fact picky eaters in some ways, each goat likes or doesn’t like a particular set of foods. For example, I have some goats that love carrots, and others who hate them. 
Anyway, proud of your boy.


Dear Censored,

Nancy Pelosi the old stinky cunt and Al Cortez (AOC), the most annoying horse-faced cunt on earth, have mental health issues.

I understand they are deliberately acting as though they are scared of republicans to brainwash people that republicans are all violent psychos, but couldn’t someone use this to their advantage?

Could someone not make an argument that the fact they think republican congress people are going to shoot them or kill them is an example of a major psychosis that prevents either of these dumb whores from being worthy of having any kind of political power?


Dear Censored,

 heard you mention something about David Livingstone getting lost in Africa. The man who searched for him and found him, Sir Henry Morton Stanley, may have one of the most interesting life stories in history.

To put it shortly, he was raised in Wales an orphan, left for the United States, joined the Confederate Army, got captured by the North, then joined the Union Army. After the war, he became and adventure journalist and decided to seek out the famously missing Livingstone. After The son of a bitch actually found him. After exploring Africa he approached King Leopold II of Belgium to convince him to colonize the Congo, and well…the rest is history.


Great excerpt from Stanley’s autobiography:


Dear Censored,

Have you heard of Alistair Williams?
Stick this in the suggestion box if so!
Ancient Chinese secret!!!
Give him a watch!


Dear Censored,

In a recent episode of Your Welcome (Michael Malice’s podcast), Lauren Southern accuses Milo of being an FBI informant, among other things. Is there anything to this or Is it all just a bunch of malarkey?

Take care,


Here’s the complete video:

Her rant against Milo starts here:

The allegation that Milo is an FBI informant: 


Dear Censored,

Hey Gavin! You recently talked about the Epoch Times and how a mail man would not deliver “hate mail”, this EXACT story ran twice here in Canada (Vancover and Toronto) as well as Australia. This story is a product of the CCP and their soft power influence via the confucian institute looking to strengthen their image overseas, you know, like retarded evil regimes do.
I wanna fuck you like more than a friend.


Dear Censored,

I think you all might like this. It’s long but so cringe.
I was looking to buy a new shower head and stumbled across this review from a narcissistic sjw that somehow ends with a black girl in hijab screaming about the myth of police brutality and some old clip of a left wing black guy saying the nword and crying because white people are mean to him.


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

I was listening to yesterdays show, and when you said around the 70s divorce seemed to just become a thing overnight. That made me think about how the timing of that correlates with when the movie Divorce American Style came out. It was released in 1967; stating Dick Van Dyke, and Debbie Reynolds.  Here’s a YouTube link to one of the trailers.It’s actually a decent movie. Worth a watch even if only to see how, and when Hollywood started to glemerize divorce. Love everything you two do, and be proud of your boys/Love Danny Greenland
P.S. The site was down around 1 today(Eastern). Hopefully it’s just a hiccup, and not a legit censoring.


Dear Censored,

I’ve heard you mention Satan as a actual person and talk about evil in a anthrapamorphic way. Have you hear about Michael Heiser? He is known as the alien theory de-bunker guy. He goes into a lot of freaky stuff that pastors don’t talk about on the pulpit like Aliens and alien abductions, Angel, Demons, and the Divine Counsel. He comes at it in a Biblical way that I never heard before. Thought this would be something interested that you or Ryan might want to check out. I included some links. The first one is from his Supernatural conference where he introduces you to a lot of these ideas and the second one is from one of his youtube channels called FringePop321 where he solely focuses on debunking the ancient alien theory that a lot of atheists cling to.
Supernatural Seminar part 1

UFO’s in the Bible

Wanna fuck you with my heals on!!


Dear Censored,

Modern punk is now just delusional. They’re recreating a portion of the early-80s punk scene. For 20 years, I didn’t see a “nazi skinhead” at hundreds of shows in the Twin Cities (1st Ave, 7th St, Turf Club, Hexagon, The Cabooze). People who espouse the 1930s-1940s “National Socialists” don’t listen to any modern music and specify prison and punk Nazis as degenerates. 
This is less credible than a “punk” group saying “KICK REPTILLIANS! THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!” 

“PUNKS LOVE DEMOCRATS AND POLITICIANS!” Maybe there wasn’t enough abortion? 

Dear Censored,

Here’s an interesting clip from Sky News Australia (our Murdoch owned FOXNews equivalent).
Former White House staffer Barbara Heineback (a black woman herself) is asked about Kamala Harris.She makes a very solid point that it is in a way tarnished because Biden said he would hire a black woman to be vice president, rather than her earning it on merit.
Her whole answer is about 2 mins and she waffles on a bit, so 3 links if want to play it to the showFull clip link:

Her full response to the question @ 3:00 (2 mins)

The meant and bones of her point @3:55 (45 secs)I like you more than a mateI want to fuck you with my thongs on


Dear Censored,

In an episode around Christmas you had mentioned your son had said Michael Frog Jackson. It sounded like a funny image. I made one and attached a JPEG and PNG if you wanted to make a sticker or T-shirt out of it. I love the show, its my small way of saying thanks.


Dear Censored,

Gavin even if the age of consent is 17 or 16 in your state if your state has what’s called the, ‘position of power’ amendment to the age of consent it doesn’t matter how old you are you can be in violation depending on your job.
For example if your an 18 year old man who works as a Janitor and decides to date a 48 year old retired woman who also has chosen to go to back to school.
The 18 year old is in violation of the age of consent laws because the 48 year old can’t consent because she goes to the same school where the boy is a Janitor. 
Illinois and many other blue states have the position of power amendment added onto the age of consent.  
In Canada a Dentist lost his license and almost charged with a crime because his wife came in for a cleaning and since he has a position of power it makes all sex going forward rape.

Dear Censored,

I was an immediate subscriber to Censored.TV (back when it was FreeSpeech.TV) and have been a fan of yours for a long time.

I was going to write to you to ask you to reconsider your association with Jacob Wohl because of his checkered past. I still think that he is ultimately a liability, but I’m now also concerned about Joe Biggs.

Yes, we owe Joe a debt for his service and for his willingness to speak out.  However, while you correctly identified the DC rally as a bad idea and told others to stay away, he was foolish enough to go into the Capital. That betrays a lack of judgment and discipline.

Jacob and Joe are not just controversial thinkers. They are *acting* in ways that are counter-productive.

Just wanted to put my two cents in.



Dear Censored,

So what get my old bullshit red flag boners up is the fact you CAN’T sue Pfizer or Moderna if this vaccine gives you bells palsy or turns you gay. (SEE SHANE GILLIS LINK below cnbc link – gold)



Dear Censored,

t’s sad to see you all running defence..  breaking drumph’s head on a desk..  primping your hair constantly..  my god you two are the worst representation of manhood that ever existed..  
With that said..  I’m disappointed in you.  All I’m hearing is how they are coming for you..  how you’re a victim..  poor me..  
Pull up your socks fags..


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Beyond disturbing… I’ve heard that Chinese women had a forced c-section to harvest the kidney used…

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