Dear Censored, 

I am not an advocate for fake tits, I prefer real ones in almost every case, howere I believe they have their place. I work with a woman that I see a couple time a week, and she has fake tits. I believe she got them because her family had a terrible history of breast cancer, so preemptively she got a double mastectomy and fake tits. Now that she has the fake tits, she loves them and wants to show them off, all the time. I love tits, and I love cleavage, her getting nice large fake tits makes her want to show more cleavage, and real boob cleavage and fake boob cleavage are indistinguishable. My main point is that she is married and I have no chance at ever seeing the full fake tit, I just see some hot cleavage and it makes my day. So if fake tits give women that I will never have a chance at seeing their tits the confidence to show off their chests more, I’m all for it. I’m a Tit man myself and I maybe biased, but I feel like fake tits have some utility.


Dear Censored, 

Interesting promotional sales booklet showcasing the products of the Lion Match Corporation of America. From a time when smoking was more than a national hobby, but the default method of unwinding with a scotch or beer.

– Beautiful rich full-colour designs
– Interesting examples of a variety of promo matchbook designs
– Classic 1970s colour scheme

Definitely worth a five to ten-minute perusal.

Uhuru faggots,


Dear Censored, 

My family and I live in one of the most conservative cities in Alabama. We chose to move here when our children started school for obvious reasons. My father served in the marine corp before I was born and my eight yeah old daughter has seen his military pictures and knows her grandad used to be a marine but that is all. She came home from school the day before Veterans Day absolutely hyped about the military and calling her grandad on the phone because, “he’s so cool because he’s a VET! We’ve GOT to go visit him!!” I just assumed, “okay, they were talking about veterans at school today.” The day after Veterans Day, their schoolwork was sent home from the week. I then realized the extent of the pro military and veterans curriculum. They did work sheets on the military and how they protect us. Each five branch of the military got their very own work sheet with paragraphs describing their specialties, uniforms pictures to color, and vehicles that each branch uses. The bottom of the work sheets had questions to review and then they did a “we love veterans” poster. I knew we made a great decision on our school district but this solidified it. I thought I would share that ALL hope is not lost on our public schools. I like both of you so much more than friends, especially when I wear my new sunglasses. Thanks.


Dear Censored, 

Dear Censored, 

I watched your Veterans Day show and I thought it was great. Just wanted to say I was in the 82nd Airborne Division from ‘92-‘96 and the Division policy was . If we can go 82 without a death we got a three day weekend. In four the four years I was there it only happened once. Also check out the
Green ramp disaster March 23, 1994 lost half my platoon in a blink of and eye. Love your show watch every day.


Dear Censored, 

Vice actually shared this video wheelchair rapist once upon a time back when jokes were legal.

Haven’t heard you mention it, but Jacob Blake got his sexual assault charge dropped (yaaaaay). Some buddies and I did this old video about ten years ago meant to bash Hollywood for Roman Polanski etc, but looks like now it’s the media turning these guys into martyrs so hope you enjoy.


Dear Censored, 

I emailed you several times that you were wrong about Breonna Taylor, and after AIU’s series explaining it all, I wanted to say I’m sorry.

I feel like I have a calling to help redpill my generation (I’m 23). Should I start on all the traditional platforms until I’m eventually banned or do you have advice on a young, Christian Libertarian (slowly converting to Not Left) who wants to start a video series, or blog (think like Steven Crowder but actually supports the 2nd amendment).

Thank you, and I like you more than a friend. Feel free to say my name only because  no one in America can pronounce it anyway lol.


Dear Censored, 

Watch this Steve Hughes bit about gays, he has a point.
Thank you for your service.
I like you something more than something you’d describe as platonic.


time code sorry fellas, play it from 3:00

Dear Censored, 

Bbc cucks. 
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Boris Johnson congratulates Joe Biden in phone call –

* Disclaimer *

The BBC is not responsible for the content of this email, and anything written in this email does not necessarily reflect the BBC’s views or opinions. Please note that neither the email address nor name of the sender have been verified
Greetings from Glasgow. 

-Big Stevie

Dear Censored, 

2 things:
1. The way they stole election from Trump in democrat controlled swing states is very similar to how dictators stay in power and always win their election, like here in Russia, or Belarus. It doesn’t matter how you vote, it only matters how your vote is counted. You guys had so much social cohesion in US (American dream and freedom) that your voting system has never been tested against bad faith actors. But that was the plan of the media all along – they revved up hysteria and made you and Trump look like racists to make breaking the law to defeat Trump look like an act of valor and bravery. That’s why these dunces are posting themselves on Instagram and tiktok burning Trump ballots.
2. I heard some Russian dumbass on your call in tell you that tax in Russia is 13%. That’s only income tax. The total effective tax here in Russia is about 55% when you count in income tax, payroll taxes and VAT. That’s not counting property taxes that you have to pay after the IRS fucked you up the ass at the point of income. There is a reason Russia is a shithole. Don’t let US become one.

– Arthur

Dear Censored, 

I have a friend who is 24 years old that lives in San Jose, CA and just got herself sterilized. The worst part about the story is that she did it in response to Amy Coney Barrett being confirmed to the Supreme Court. She started as a nice Christian girl and throughout college became promiscuous and stated that she got sterilized because she’s worried about rape and being unable to abort the child. I can’t help but wonder if this is really about rape or if it is more about her “right” to get around.

How can we support our women and prevent situations like this in the future?

Get in trouble, get laid, and never stop fighting!

Dear Censored, 

Gavin mentioned the Synagogue of Satan and placed Philadelphia in Egypt. Egypt is in Africa. The Synagogue of Satan is referring to the 7 Churches of Asia which were in Greek Anatolia, Asia Minor. Now Turkey. The Churches are:

1) Smyrna on the Aegean Coast of Anatolia

2) Ephesus (book of Ephesians) on the Coast of Iona

3) Pergamum on the southern Coast of the Sea of Marmara

4) Thyateira which is south of Constantinople

5) Sardis in Lydia6) Laodicea on the river Lycus

7) Philadelphia in the Aegean region

Revelation 2 & Revelation 3


Dear Censored, 

Dear Censored, 

Biden’s people. Woman Beaten, Man Stuck Inside Car Lit on Fire By Chicago Anti-Trumpers

Dear Censored, 

You may have seen this..not sure. If not, enjoy. Short video (3:08 minutes). Watch all.

Dear Censored, 

Jon Vought saying “Leftists are evil” is featured in a sick heavy metal edit that will get you pumped for the Trump revolution.

Thank you for your service to the nation.


Dear Censored, 

I was going to send in the same video you showed previously of the post election Minneapolis riot. You cut out just a second to early on this guy. To preface they were on the highway, illegally obviously, and when blocked in for arrest you get to hear his excuse.. dude admits guilt

Dear Censored,

Great interview with Amanda regarding her film but I get the sense that, while you like her father’s work, you may not know the extent of how fucking cool he is.  He is, and has always been, a champion of freedom, guns, masculinity, and staunch anti-communism; a very rare breed in Hollywood.  There’s a decent documentary about him called, appropriately, Milius.  Sam Elliot quote from the trailer: “He doesn’t write for pussies and he doesn’t write for women.  He writes for men…’cause he’s a man”
 “Milius” trailer: 
He’s still alive but had a stroke a few years ago and I don’t think he’s been doing much.  
Bit of trivia: the character Walter in The Big Lebowski (played by John Goodman) is a direct homage to Milus


Further reading if interested:

Perfunctory closing of sunglasses, Heels, why are you gay?, etc,


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

I’m angry today.
Greg Clarke (chairman of the FA cup here in the UK) had the AUDACITY to say ‘coloured’ people and has had his life turned upside down because of it. He clearly condemns racism during the interview but the politically correct left have moved the goal posts – you can’t refer to blacks as coloured anymore, he didn’t get the memo.

The video is genuinely hard to watch. He does nothing wrong, but is made to apologise on the spot. That’s not enough though, this morning he was made to resign, poor bastard. I found you the video since I noticed your internet connection is retarded and won’t let you load articles:

Also – Ryan, you missed a trick brother – instead of it saying ‘war’ at the start of the ‘election gate’ intro it should say ‘fraud’. I will happily do the voice overs for free if you send nudes.
I like you more than something you’d otherwise describe as platonic.


Dear Censored,

After hearing the Megyn Kelly clip a couple days ago, I thought this could make a good drop in future. This was a viral video from a bunch of years ago and always makes its rounds during Thanksgiving time.

The first is the original and starts at 5:40. The other two are fun “remixes” of it.

Original: @5:40Fun 1: 2:
Very Respectfully,


Dear Censored,

Heard this on the radio this morning. This crazy old bitch wishing death upon Trump, and essentially saying “Who will clean your toilets Mr. Trump!?” about illegal immigrants that she thinks work in the white house.

Start at 6:20, wishes death around 7:00, and at 9:00 Charlamagne asks her to confirm wishing Trump died and she compares her POV to the Jews wishing Hitler died. Fuckin CLOWN WORLD!


Dear Censored,

possible final video entry. Not safe for work / kids 


Dear Censored,


This is from the World Economic Forum. Its 8 things to “look forward to” in 2030. In a normal world, they’d be nothing but a band of eco-dweebs living off PR funding. But WEF is connected to DEVOS which includes the likes of G. Soros. I’d hit the high points, but the video is only 1:28 long, so Gavin shouldn’t have to bitch about a time stamp. Both links are the same thing.
I like you more than my best friend in their new sunglasses.


p.s. WEF website is chock full of communist cuckory content

Dear Censored,

Jair Bolsonaro asks Brazilians not to deal with Covid-19 ‘like fags’ | Deccan Herald.


Dear Censored,

Mad Liberals’ youtube channel (a meme maker) just uploaded this.

Dear Censored,

Producer/Songwriter alienates all of his 90’s fans by making crappy Anti Trump video, and then fights with his fans in the YouTube comments. 


Dear Censored,

So the starting salary at Kotaku is around $50k and you can work from home, a dream job some would say. Yet this is the type of bullshit they put out…


Dear Censored,

Listening to S03E36 STOLEN ELECTION and listening to you talk about these girls, These adult-sized female children in their 20’s who speak with such authority and thought I’d share a similar situation I had.

I am a dispatcher for a small local taxi company and had an encounter on Halloween night where a woman called for a taxi, Our company was backed up about 1 Hour+ because Halloween is super busy for us but we got a car over to her in 30 mins (the quoted time to her) and then we called her twice to let her know that her cab was outside, Waited 10 minutes and then the cab left to go to their next call.

This woman called to complain and I explained to her that the cab had to leave. She proceeded to pull the “I’M A MOTHER AND A FEMALE!” card and I had to shut her down. It’s pretty funny/sad. Please find the 4:30 audio file I included. Hopefully you can play it in it’s current format. I don’t expect you to play it on your show as it’s 4:30 long but it’s a pretty concrete example of how entitled women are in 2020. They have been conditioned to believe that their sex organs make them golden gods.

If you can bleep out my name/company name that would be great. I like you more than a friend.


Dear Censored,

We keep hearing from mainstream press that mail in ballots lean towards Biden, but that really doesn’t make sense. Plenty of at risk COVID elderlies and fat asses mailed in ballots. 
If you review this link from NBC News, about halfway down the page you will see demographics of who requested mail ballots.
The majority was actually elderly republican! Same with Arizona and Michigan.
This is absolutely a fraudulent election. When we went to bed election night Trump was up bigly in these states, and the majority of the votes counted over night should have gone to Trump. If this info is correct.

Let me now if I can help with research!

-Not Gay Ryan

Dear Censored,

He ripped a wet one, Ryan’s dumb ass just didn’t go back far enough.
Here’s the link and timestamp: at 4:45


Dear Censored,

Why does Dave Chappelle look like one of those black guys with a short life span.There are those black guys that appear to not physically cope well with aging. Watching his SNL appearance was a little jarring. He’s all hunched over with a bloated face and glossy, yellow jaundice eyes. His voice is raspy. It’s as if he’s having to put a lot of effort into talking and sitting upright. I don’t know maybe it’s just me. Let’s hope he gets well soon.

I remember when he came out on SNL in 2016 right after Trump was elected. He said, “hey it’s not the end of the world, at least I’ll get a tax break.” He then apologized, confirmed he hated Trump and Trump’s base, and then hey what so you know, $60 million from Netflix … The guy who ran away to Africa to avoid selling out sure sold out.

Which reminds me that he now claims he ran away to Africa (by the way I can guarantee he ran away to live in a gated, white part of South Africa) because white people – who worked on his show -were laughing at him in a way that he was uncomfortable with.. what the actual fuck?

Feel free to not use this. Maybe a little too specific. Save it for your Dave Chappelle episode

Ryan, stop trying to compare real life events to The Grinch. “Yeah that’s exactly like the grinch when the hoo-hoos were sad!!” It’s a fucking kids movie, Grow up.



Dear Censored,

Had a social media war with this dude until I saw what he/it looked like and then I deleted my Facebook account. 
Thought you’d appreciate it…. 
Thanks for your service, 


Dear Censored,

Gas young fella


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