Dear Censored,

Check out this tune wrote about beer .. this is a raging homeless alcoholic where I grew up … dude should be famous but ain’t.. I know you’ll enjoy the raw talent.. song is  cold beer by Jesse Stewart… it never had any views until shortly 


Dear Censored, 

I had something pretty spooky happen to me the last few days. I was texting my cousin and mentioned we should watch the election on Tuesday. He didn’t respond to that but I didn’t really think anything of it. A couple days later I asked him what he was doing Tuesday, he said nothing so I said we should watch the election and hang out. No response. I asked him again. He responded the next day asking why I wasn’t responding He hadn’t been getting my texts. I asked him one more time if he wanted to watch the election. Then I called him, turns out every text I sent with the word ‘election’ he never got. Spooky, eh? What do you make of this? I’m not sure what it means.

Wanna suck you with my heels on.


Dear Censored,

Jake Hanrahan in this interview mentions working with vice from near the beginning, and how it went to complete shit when you and others got pushed out. 
Did you know this guy? He’s doing war journalism and seems interesting. 


 Time stamp is 26:45

Dear Censored,

I was delighted to see an actual Sabo in the wild this morning in downtown LA. Check it out…


Dear Censored,

You recently gave horrible advice about living with a girl before marriage. 
That is disgusting and it is a sin. 
I would never marry a whore that is willing to live with me in sin before marriage. 
Pastor Anderson makes Gavin look like a fag. 
Check out some of his hard preaching:
I like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

Check out this pathetic “gear” breakdown and“riot protocol/protest playbook.”
P.S. Check out my vintage, “Hooters” bag. Fun fact: Golf originated in Scotland and they decided the number of holes on a course should be equivalent to the number of shots in a bottle of whiskey. Cheers to 18.
Trump for dictator.


Dear Censored,

Here’s a video of some crazy polish woman that I know who “composed” and sang a bunch of songs about Trump back in the 2016 election.Her classic “Play Your Trump Card” is a soothing, melodic, inspiring, Eastern European-esque and motivating theme to inspire the masses to vote for Lord trump in 2020.
Other classics include “Make America Great Again”
And “Put God First In America”
I’d like to fuck you with my heels on while liking your new sunglasses. UHURU and Vivat Jesus

– A.S 

Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Pathetic A-Listers.
Celeb-packed apartments to be protected by armed guards on Election Day.


Dear Censored,

I know you guys are fans of Opie and Anthony (perhaps not opie as much) and I know Gavin, that you are a huge Louis CK fan. I gotta share this episode with you guys because, I truly believe this is Louis CK’s finest hour, and it isn’t even a comedy bit. It’s just them discussing America and American culture and economics.

This episode gets a lot of press because Donald Rumsfeld makes an appearance and Louis asks him if he is a lizard. but the first hour of radio is way more impressive.


Dear Censored,

Have you seen the documentary “Off the Rails”? It’s about Darius McCollum, a black man who’s been arrested over 20 time for high jacking MTA trains and busses. 
It’s got all your favorites:
– extreme self indulgence 
– retards (not Darius)
– the bigotry of low expectations and race pettery (the doctors they interview are clearly enabling him with their excuses) 
– Allah 
– a lot of racial shit
– a literal back stabbing  
– a 2 (Darius married this Latina and holy moley!)
– moms
– and TRAINS!!
I think Darius is on the spectrum, but he is not full on Aspergers. He has too much personality. He makes bad choices. He’s mentally obese. He’s an addict. I do feel bad for the guy. My question is why none of the people that seem to care so much about him in the interviews don’t do anything to help him when he’s out of prison. They do the least they can do. No one helps him get a job, a place to live, nothing. 

It’s on Amazon Prime


– Tim

Dear Censored,

Long time supporter, listener and subscriber for about a year.  Thanks for all you do!
So I did it, I GOT FIRED!  Nothing political or anything just me getting fed up with fucking corporate America and a shithole job.  This asshole client has been calling me for months over a piddly 700 collection bill that he was to lazy to pay, crying about how my company was the worst experience of his life, big wah.  My company and boss won’t do a damn thing.
I looked into it and he is Andrew Young, former aide to democrotic presidential candidate John Edwards, 3 time dui recipient, as well as child abuse charges and thought damn we must have provided pretty bad service ( phone answering, never received a single call for his startup) to have been worse than his dui’s and child abuse and involvement with the Kerry scandal. 
So I sent him an email reminding him of his own past to provide reference to his claim of ‘worst experience of my life’.  3 weeks later I’m fired, not really crying I was always forced to deal with losers like him and going nowhere was planning on getting new job before covid anyway.  
I am lining stuff up and really enjoying my time but just thought you’d appreciate my following through on getting fired especially for telling off such a low life Dem. 
Love the show, gives me strength!  Love you more than a friend!


Dear Censored,

Check this bitch out and homeschool. 
Yale professor blocks me on Twit- Calls to firebomb the nation and blames all 3% of violence on Right

Like you more than friends, 


Dear Censored,

Remember Althea Bernstein, that wannabe “person of color” who claimed a gang of whites set her face on fire while she was driving her car in one of the most liberal college towns in America? 
The NFL “honored” her with posts encouraging us to “say her name”. One player even opted to wear her name on his helmet. This is peak clown world.
Thank you both for your service to our great nation.


Dear Censored,

Hope you fellas are well,
This is a typical locals boozer in England, check how casual everyone is during and after the carnage. No doubt he needed an Amber Lamps (Ambulance)
I sent this before but they took the link down.
I hope Trump is in by the time you get this, take no notice of the media, most Brits want President Trump for a second term.
I like you more than my friend 


Dear Censored,

Here is an old but gold vid,
Drunken baywatch, just because!
Enjoy chaps.
All the best from England.


Dear Censored,

This might be ancient Chinese secret but I hadn’t seen these guys before and thought it’d make a good intro song.Thank Hayzeus for Spotify’s AI-generated Release Radar. Spoooooooky

Loving your new sunglasses, while knee-deep in the opioid crisis


Dear Censored,

So my wife is Vietnamese even though she sounds like a Redneck. Her dad (off the boat) who loves Trump sent me this. 


PS : Ryan may be gay.

Dear Censored,

This is a good documentary on the craziness that went down at Evergreen in 2017. While watching it I was “beyond angry” to see our friend, Mr. Furious Wheelchair Trans. He doesn’t say much in these but it was good seeing him again.


Part 2, @9:15 and 11:40

Part 3, @17:44 (audio only)

Dear Censored,

The reason that McDonalds workers say that the ice cream machine is broken is often not that it’s actually broken, but that they are too lazy to replace the bag that supplies ice cream to the machine. The Vice article you spoke about on s03e30 actually provides evidence that black McDonalds workers are disproportionately lazy ass holes. $15/hr my ass. This information comes from a former McDonalds worker. See link below.


PS: my wife told me about this. I dont use tiktok

Dear Censored,

Love the show, love you more than a friend, fuck me with my heels on, yadda yadda…


Dear Censored,

God bless Texas

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    1. You’re are welcome. Look up his sermons on Youtube. Gavin should get him on the network. I think Pastor Anderson is banned from 16 countries because he takes a hard stance against sexual degenracy.

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