Dear Censored,

I love you and the show. One way to pronounce Kamala’s name is- Come Allah. Spooookey.


P.S. Hello Ryan.

Dear Censored,

300, I watched it the other day and realized even THIS movie they wouldn’t make nowadays. It is a culturally accurate portrayal of the Spartan forces decimating savage forces from the Far East and Arab lands. I think this scene from 2:03 on is a great analogy for Trumps first term and his resistance to the establishment, it gets me pumped, and there’s even some hot man bods for Ryan in it. A couple days ago I had a wave of acceptance wash over me and I started to accept the idea of having this Dementia riddled old man as our President, what the fuck was I thinking. We must keep fighting.
 – Joe

PS Gav, there are a bunch of spooky coincidences where our worlds have crossed and it is SPOOKY. Maybe I’ll call in tomorrow.

Dear Censored,

The day after the election, 400 of “Minnesota’s best” took to the streets to complain about nothing. Again. 
They walked onto the highway and were “planning on exiting” when the police showed up. 
1:17:20 – the moment this retard in yellow realizes they are all about to get arrested. 
1:42:25 – after the police captain GRACIOUSLY let’s a family with small children leave, this guy decides to give the police a piece of his mind. 
My friends and I have been quoting the second timestamp ever since. It was a beautiful thing. 


PS Trump won. 

Dear Censored,

You recently said you would like to move to a little British town in the future. 
I have the perfect one for you.
Ware in Hertfordshire, not far from where you were born. 
Its far enough from London to be away from the murders but close enough for a nights drinking there and Ware its self has around 30 proper pubs in the radius of about a mile, the best one being The Quiet Man. John the landlord is a 83 year old geeza who takes no shit and looks and sounds like Michael Cain. 
Have a look for yourself,_Hertfordshire

We also have a cool young conservative mayor Alexander Curtis

So your welcome for finding your future home town and I look forward to having a beer with you soon. 
All the best 


Dear Censored,

Hi Gavin, since you can’t get on Facebook I thought you’d get a kick out of this. Apparently this is what veterans day is really about. I’m sure this causes our enemies around the world to shake in their sandals. 


Dear Censored,

I saw this played on Crowder last week and immediately thought it was
ripe for a drop.

It’s a few seconds and starts around :38 seconds (you’ll know, like, the thing)

Thanks and I like you more than a friend.


Dear Censored,

watch Fauchi

Pompeo ain’t no bitch
“Smooth transition to a 2nd Trump administration” @13:30


Dear Censored,

Can we please talk about the infuriating and blatantly immoral epidemic of men allowing their wife/girlfriend to make or influence decisions for them and what FUCKING pussies these men are. 

There is nothing more fucking pathetic then trying to hang or make plans with a guy who has to constantly “check in” or get buy in from his significant other. 
I’m trying to make vacation plans with some guys in my family right now and one wife is picky about the AirBNB location, the other wife is nervous about COVID precautions and we all have to do this gay fucking dance to appease the dumbest members of the group. 
They think that concessions to the woman will make them happy but it has the opposite effect.

Women THINK that they want to control things but it is simply evolution testing you, the man, to see if you are a capable and dependable person, worthy of protecting them and their children. The more you allow them to voice their unfathomably retarded opinions, the more they become anxious and resentful towards you because you aren’t properly leading them, and they don’t even know why. TELL THEM NO.

I like you more than the statue of liberty plus 200 meters.


Dear Censored,

have you seen this video?  if they can steel identities and credit cards so easily why shouldn’t we not believe they stole or switched votes as well?  Because the media says so?  Move along, nothing to see here, your holding up the moldy bread line.

like you more than a friend


Dear Censored,

This makes me tear up every time.  

Also, my 3 year old daughter calls piggy-back rides “backy-back rides”. 


Dear Censored,

When Jacob Wohl first joined the network I was skeptical. He came out swinging lots of wild conspiracies without much tact or good information. For example, he said that Pence designed the lockdown to convert lesbians as they’d have to sleep with their male roommates. I mean hwhat? (Hwhat video drop)
But recently his election coverage has been amazing, and his stunts have been pretty entertaining too.I think he is going to pick up Alex Jones’ gauntlet once AJ moves on.
Like your new sunglasses 😜,


Dear Censored,

Not sure what’s going on but it’s fucked up 


Dear Censored,

Have you seen this shit that Fat Mike & Fat Wreck Chords have been putting out?
They have created this pledge (a full page in the NY Times) to stand against Trump, white supremacy, violence, and fascism (and a bunch of other shit). But just 2 posts before the pledge he posted this video of him and his crew being pretty darn violent and fascist. The irony is uncanny.
It’s so weird how they see the right. And it’s strange that they are totally oblivious to their own actions.

The most annoying thing about this is all these claims they are making about Trump and how the right is destroying the world but do not provide any evidence. I guess it’s just a given. 
I don’t understand, sir.

I wanna fuck ya’lls with my heels on


The pledge post:

The pledge:


The video (the song alone will offend):

Dear Censored,

Here are some more pics of this shit posted up around metro seattle neighborhoods.


Dear Censored,

Sure you’ve seen this, but haven’t seen y’all broadcast about it. InfoWars is spearheading a “Stop the Seal Caravan” from Austin, TX to Washington, D.C. this week to protest election fraud and support President Trump. They left Austin on Monday evening and will be protesting in D.C. on Friday and I believe Saturday where Jones will be joining the caravan. 
This is a huge opportunity and perhaps our last chance to make a stand against the death of our freedoms, the Constitution, and just elections. Perhaps a shout out from y’all on the show and Parler may help spread awareness.

Also, if you haven’t been following, Jones got ahead of the censorship and started: get around social media blocks.

Keep up the good fight bros!


Dear Censored,

I am pretty sure that Van Jones is fucking Kim Kardashian, and this prompted Kanye West to run for office due to an inferiority complex.  Since Kim Kardashian decided to become a “lawyer”, she started an apprenticeship with Van Jones and I am sure they are doing much more than “studying law books”.  This prompted Kanye West to step up to the proverbial plate in a last ditch effort to save his marriage and prove himself to her as an intellectual and more than just a rapper so he poured tons of his disposable income into the 2020 presidential race.

Watch for Kim to file divorce from Kanye West over the next year.  Van Jones also divorced his wife around the time that Kim started apprenticing with him.  Pic related – they are definitely fucking:


Dear Censored,

dude, gotta stop burping into the mic


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Here’s a picture I took a couple days ago of some far-left propaganda stapled to a telephone pole in Seattle. Flyers like this are commonly seen throughout Capitol Hill and First Hill neighborhoods. I used to tear them down but since I am permanently leaving this shit hole in less than a week, I don’t really care anymore.

If a flyer like this is enough to convert the average Seattle pleb then they deserve it, honestly.

Keep up the great work. Love yin’s more than a friend.


PS:  I tried to join PB Seattle chapter several times since July but couldn’t get through with all of the hysteria. Fortunately, I had foresight enough to get about a half dozen genuine black & gold Fred Perry polos before shipping to North America ceased. I’ll be taking them with me to the midwest where I’m hoping to find a chapter that is actively recruiting.

Dear Censored,

Proving election crime occurred is enough. You don’t have to prove the
exact number of votes that were stolen. That would be impossible. You
just have to prove that crimes were committed with the potential to
affect enough votes to have changed the outcome of the election. That
threshold has been met. A complete audit and purging illegal votes is

Trump was ahead of Biden on election night in Pennsylvania by nearly
700,000 votes. He had a massive lead. You don’t have to prove every
single fraudulent vote. You prove strong fraud indicators and verified
illegal activity. 450,000 votes, at least, in a swing state, were not
allowed to be observed by GOP poll watchers. Every vote after that is
fruit of the poisonous tree. These votes could absolutely change the
outcome of the election. At the very least they warrant an audit.


Dear Censored,

You’ve probably seen this already, but remember “keese love” the BLM dude who punted that guy in the back of the head?  according to Andy Ngo he got 20 months… 
I wanna fuck you with the cover of a magazine,


Dear Censored,

Betting sites haven’t paid out on Trump or Biden bets because the Election isn’t final/certified. Until betting sites pay out one way or another, this thing isn’t over. 


Dear Censored,

I found a website that tells everyone who donated money and when for people’s names and addresses. Just thought you would wanted to know


Dear Censored,

I have not done well in the lady department, mostly from incompetence and circumstance. I don’t do much outside of work and home, so my friend pool is rather limited, and I’ve already asked out two coworkers, and would prefer not to be known as that guy who hits on female staff. I only have two friends outside of work, although one is at air-force training, but they don’t have big friend groups either, the other friend is friends with his mom’s friends, so no luck in mutual friend meets. I’m a 19 year old man in Conifer, CO, currently converting to Catholicism, and attending electrical school. I don’t know what folk my age even do, malls ain’t much of a thing nowadays, local eateries are out of luck, and there ain’t much of anything to meet folk at around here. My apologies for going on so long, I don’t enjoy writing this but I’m gonna try whatever I can, even if it’s just some comprehensible advice. Thank you for reading if you actually read this.
I wanna fuck your with my new sunglasses,


P.S.Ryan, your moments of just you playing your music are earrape, and should get some taste. Try some Statler Brothers if you want Christian music, Christian rock is the lamest genre.

Dear Censored,

This is a simple way to prove Ryan is a better guitarist than Jimi Hendrix. 
First, Ryan needs to answer:Who is the best guitar player in the building?
Jimi Hendrix himself will give you the answer; watch 4:25-4:45.


Dear Censored,

A black helicopter crashed on top of a hospital in LA. The reporter claims they were delivering organs. Its weird how the blade looks lopped off or something in the middle of the helipad. Its very interesting.


Dear Censored,

I was looking forward to watching Monday’s episode all weekend but was disappointed to see fraud coverage only given 10 or so minutes of coverage. We need to be spreading info about this blatant theft of our election because Trump has obviously got the hush-hush from his lawyers and Facebook and Twitter are removing any videos showing clear crimes being commited. Here is a video that need to be shown in the Supreme Court, if they rule the DNC is innocent it will establish a precedent that our nation can legally be stolen from us.

Detroit Poll Worker coaches staff on illegal vote manipulation: (this video was removed from YT at 500k views!)

There’s been a few videos of poll workers displaying Trump ballots ripped up on Twitter but sadly after Twitter deleted them they appear to have been lost.

Peace, love, and American freedom (if we can keep it).


Dear Censored,

First, I believe election fraud has been happening forever (no shit).  Finally we have someone and an administration in the White House with the balls to challenge it.
Rudy and the gang will find A LOT of verified fraud.  Maybe not enough to swing all the states his way but a lot along with evidence of coordination from higher up the chain of command.
Trump will become increasingly anxious to come out with it as they get more and more.  Dem politicians and even some on his team will tell him it won’t be good for the country and that he should just concede to avoid rioting and more division.
Luckily for us though, Trump is Trump and will eventually say “fuck you, I’m no pussy like Mitt” and either call a press conference or just start fucking tweeting. 
I’m not optimistic about it but I badly want something to happen.  Not because I fear for the country because I’m not an idiot and America will be fine but so I can send a single middle finger emoji to each of my retarded, liberal sisters-in-law. Annoying cunts.  If I have to hear one of them say “he called white supremacists fine people” one more fucking time….
Thanks for the entertainment 4 days a week. 


Dear Censored,

To Catch a Predator Youtube

Checkout this Pedder Ass does this guy not Scream Antifa

Heels, Sunglasses, Arms Tired


Dear Censored,

Have you ever seen Tim Heidecker’s film about being a patriot agent stopping Taliban/ISIS/al Qaeda in Hawaii?
Awesome in that shitty Heidecker sort of way.
But especially awesome because I think he means to make fun of patriots but it just comes off as awesome and pro-patriot – at least to me.
Check it out. Maybe it’s a good film for you and Ryan to watch.


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    Definitely worth a five to ten-minute perusal.

    Uhuru faggots,


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