Dear Censored,

Hey this is a few weeks old now but idk if you seen it or not. They found 45 missing kids in Ohio and arrested 177 scumbags. Meanwhile yahoo news is in total denial sex trafficking rings even exist and are more concerned about making Qanon look like tin hat wearing conspiracy theorists. And I’m not a Qanon user just for the record. Wanna pork ya with my heels on. 


45 missing children found, 109 human trafficking survivors rescued in Ohio operation45 missing children found, 109 human trafficking survivors rescued in Ohio operationOhio Attorney General David Yost said more than 50 agencies were involved in Operation Autumn Hope

Dear Censored,

I clicked on one of those “warnings” on Instagram and was surprised/not surprised to see this on the click through…

Dear Censored,

Hey Gavin,
You are a veteran, but you could become a veteran veteran. You must watch if you haven’t already The Patriot with Mel Gibson.


Dear Censored,

“What are white people superior at?”
Jesus these people are annoying.  Thought you guys might have gun with it.



Dear Censored,

I don’t know if you’ll see this, hopefully you do.

This is the trailer for a series airing on Amazon Prime, Apple iTunes, and Google Play (all left wing companies) in September. Here is the short bio:

“A present day white supremacist gets thrust back in time where the African Americans rule and the whites are the enslaved.”

Considering Gone With the Wind was taken down and a disclaimer is being added, isn’t this over the line?

The trailer was posted on YouTube on Juneteenth, and I feel like it should be getting more attention. Especially considering they use a Trump 2020 ad, it should be addressed. You guys are smart, what do you think?

ALSO: Black Lives Matter gives out apparel (with their logo) with purchases of it online, they have to be involved with this. You can also donate directly to BLM from the “Cracka” site.

Again, I’m not sure if you’ll see this. I’ve been reaching out to so many for a response literally since I saw the trailer on Juneteenth, no luck so far. No matter what I really think you guys are great and please keep doing what you do. 



Dear Censored,

Just threw this music video together using clips from Saturday. FAFO


Dear Censored,

Badass Jam


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

I thought you might find this interesting since you mentioned having him on the show. The Cart Narc guy is actually the creative director of a popular LA-based radio show called The Woody Show, and he’s mentioned being a fan of yours. He goes by Seabass (real name Sebastian).
A few weeks ago they did a segment on air where each host talked about their career highs, lows, and proudest moments. When it was Seabass’ turn he said something like this: “A friend told me that Gavin McInnes was a fan of Cart Narc and talking about me on his show. And I’ve been a fan of his for years but it made me feel really special” yadda yadda. 
Anyway, even though this show is really anti-PC and appeals to LA’s working class you could tell the other hosts immediately went into damage control. Saying stuff like “uh huh yeah for listeners who don’t know he’s the founder of Vice, he’s done comedy stuff before but is a controversial figure” but Seabass didn’t shy away from his ‘being a fan’ comment.
Anyway, thought you might find it interesting! 


Dear Censored,

On Sam Hyde’s new podcast (@ 2:43:05), he mentions meeting you for the first time and how you told him he ‘looked like someone hired to clean the latrine at a frat house’.

He also went on to say that you’re one of the sharpest guys in terms of interacting with other that he’s ever met.

I want to fuck you with my heels on,



Dear Censored,

You’re probably getting dozens of emails about The Cut asking the ugliest group of black people, “So what exactly are white people superior at?” But that’s not the only gay video from The Cut. The Cut is filmed in Seattle.


Dear Censored,

You will not believe the joke PawPaw plays on the useless women in this video, if you thought he couldn’t top the wet trousers you were wrong. Cheers for introducing this classic comedy to me Gavin. Fuck Ryan and Jim Page.


Dear Censored,

I’ve been on a Charles Bronson movie binge and with each movie I just keep seeing Ryan Katsu Rivera. This is also proof that Ryan is not gay cause no one can look similar to Charles Bronson and be gay. 


Dear Censored,

it was awesome running into Ryan in DC! I’ve been a fan for years and can not tell you how much your show has meant to me and changed my life. I know you say you’ve repilled a generation and some would say that that is an overstatement but I see evidence of it everyday when I talk to young conservatives. There is always some kind of Gavinism. Between your shitting on the establishment, being dubious of Islam, noticing group differences and or patterns, being willing to entertain “disatent right” ideas or espousing free speech in general, criticism of feminism and tranny mental illness, the decline of masculinity, etc. I know these are not exclusive to you but they were not approached in the way they are now because of you. Conservatives were scared and you called them out for being pussies and now zoomers actually talk about important issues. Never stop, thanks for everything, like you more than a friend!


Dear Censored,

so lately i’ve been just watching some old videos about the industrial revolution and after a couple days on the youtube rabbit hole i came across this guy called Fred Dibnah, he’s an Englishman who worked as a steeple-jack and would climb 18th century chimney stacks with nothing but wooden ladders lashed together with rope which are supported by a steel spike that he drives into the brick with only a hammer, he also fixed and built his own steam engines which were one of his great loves. This is a guy with a serious work ethic and also this motherfucker must have been walking with bent knees from dragging his huge balls across the ground 24/7, here’s a vid of him doing repairs on a chimney stack which again, he climbed with nothing but wooden ladders and rope.

 Timestamp is 5:40 – 7:00 min

Dear Censored,

came across this old Trump clip from an interview with David Letterman. Check it out, might be worth adding to the bag.
Cheers from Southwestern Ontario bud, fuck Quebec,


Dear Censored,

Check out this Etsy commercial. I’m sure you’ll think it is gayer than Ry guys gay face. 

Like ya more den fwend,


Dear Censored,

Came across this short funny animated video on YouTube during the weekend on how the Supreme Court ruling will likely go down if it does happen. Check it out.
I like you more than a friend.


Dear Censored,

My husband and I went to see Freaky tonight. It’s a slasher/comedy film that’s a take on the concept of  Freaky Friday, with the intended victim of a serial killer switching bodies with said killer. Hilarity should inevitably ensue. Don’t get me wrong, it does at times. I genuinely laughed at a few scenes… a few.
The movie, though, largely consists of a feminist message that women are more powerful than they seem, and every single male in the movie is a white-skinned dick show, always putting down the main protagonist or being either sexist or overly sexual/rapey with her (sometimes within the same scene, interchangeablely, which is confusing). After switching bodies, the protagonist, while in the male body of the serial killer (played by Vince Vaughn, btw), realizes how powerful it feels to be in a much bigger, stronger body.
Bitch, please. Vince Vaughn is an exceptionally large man, though it’s not like he has super powers. And yes, women are statistically weaker than men. Get over it. (Woman speaking here.) Also, the protagonist’s sister is a cop, and I thought of Gavin every time she was on screen. She was the epitome of the reason why women should not be police officers. She is skinny as hell, no upper body strength whatsoever. There is literally a scene where Vince Vaughn knocks the gun out of her hand and lifts her in his arms and throws her into the jail cell in which she had been attempting to put him. I laughed out loud.
The whole movie was so stupid once I realized what was playing out. And of course, the protagonist’s besties are a black and a gay, who is like extra faggy with a cherry on top. AND, the ending of the movie was a RETARDED show of females coming together to fight to take down the big, scary man. AAAND, the song that played right after the protagonist’s cringey final line was some shitty “badass” song with some chick yelling “Suck my dick!” Excuse me, what the fuck?
So, I went in thinking it was going to be a fun slashery comedy, because that’s how it looks in the trailer. But no, they had to cram it full of PC garbage, and not just feminist bullshit. At one point, when the besties have tied up the killer, who is in the female body, one of them refers to the killer as “she” because obviously, it’s their friend’s female body they’re all looking at… the other friend scolds, “Um, pronouns please!” 
And probably the most disgusting part of the movie (not any of the ridiculous slasher deaths were this awful) was when Vince Vaughn, the protagonist in the male body, KISSES the TEENAGE love interest of the protagonist, a young boy who is totally fine with the male body because he knows the girl’s consciousness is actually in there. That was such a filthy trans-acceptance message shoe-horned into a totally awkward, cringey af scene. I almost gagged.
Thanks for reading. Love your new son on the cover of a magazine,


Dear Censored,

This is an article by the Huffington Post, which means it’s likely twisted, but the Parler TOS may be worth looking deeper into…
Personally, I’m loving being able read and share Danesh, Jones, and y’all on Parler!
Keep up the good fight!

-A Sovereign Texan

Dear Censored,

This popped up on my recommendations on YouTube and thought it was interesting considering the shit show happening right now. The information seems pretty accurate to the way things have been panning out for the past 10 – 15 years, right up until this day.

It even has (in the trailer so its not hard to look for) a clip, from the Forum of the 2004 Presidential Election where they admit there are programmes that can be used to secretly fix elections, which I found SPOOOOKKYY. It seems like this was meant to find me for some reason.

Anyway thanks if you read this and have a look.



Dear Censored,

Thought this might interest/disgust you. 

I love Spanish people, but they’re really into these “loaves” made with fish, eggs, shrimp, “angulas” (baby eels), etc. Plus waaay too much mayo. They LOVE them, especially for the holidays. It’s like bizarre 1950s-60s American party food.

Here’s a taste:

Dear Censored,

Hey Guys, I was watching old GOML from early 2020 when antifa and blm started with their “fuck the police” chants. It made think about if anyone has turned that into satire skit. The FTP Club a raunchy group of police and military spouses who get together and talk about sex life to share notes. 


Dear Censored,

Gavin the CowardBoy Come kill me CowardBoy, put up or shut up


Dear Censored,

I had an idea to help raise money for the families of your friends in prison. What do you think about a Censored.TV charity golf tournament? Just a thought.


Dear Censored,

Have a look at this cringe Antifa LARPing, lighting a cigarette on MAGA hats like she’s Sgt Kilgore on a Vietnamese beach. The way she tosses down the hat.

As your dad would say…Pathetic!
Love the show,


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