John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, the vocalist for the legendary punk band the Sex Pistols and groundbreaking new wave act Public Image Ltd, recently sustained a flea bite to his penis, according to reports.

His injury was one of numerous others after the frontman took in a group of squirrels to his Los Angeles home, as reported by the U.K.’s Daily Star.

The punk icon said he is “not going to blame the poor little squirrels,” even though the pest infestation was the product of his soft spot for the woodland creatures.

“I looked down there this morning at my willy and there’s a fucking flea bite on it,” Lydon said regarding taking an inventory of the consquiences of his animal rescue efforts. “And there’s another one on the inside of my leg.”

He added, “The bites, wow, last night was murder because of it. The itching, too. It’s such a poxy thing to get caught out on. The only way around it … is to Vaseline my legs.”

Lydon first mentioned his adoption of his squirrel friends in his book I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right, which came out just last month. The vocalist recalled how he gave the squirrels a new home in his Venice Beach residence.

Lydon continued to say that he hopes the animals “don’t get the wrong idea” after he provided them with a new place to stay.

“I’m determined to keep my squirrel friends independent,” he said. “There’s no petting. If they want to nudge up that’s fine, but I know it’s for a peanut and not because I’m lovely.”

The 64-year old rocker still finds ways to make headlines in the media in 2020, but it usually is not for nibbles on his willy.

Over the last few years the legendary troublemaker, who holds citizenship in Britain, Ireland, and America, has raised eyebrows in the press for his open support of President Donald Trump.

Lydon spoke to Good Morning Britain on the day after the election to explain his support for Trump. “It makes complete sense to me to vote for a person who actually talks about my kind of people,” Lydon stated. “Trump is not a politician. He’s never claimed to be. How unusually exceptionally wonderful is that for people like me, working class people.”

“We’re bored of ‘intellectual’ left-wing ideas,” Lydon added. “We can’t take much of you. You talk twaddle. Everything you do – you just miss the point of who the general population are.”

In September, a picture of the punk menace wearing a MAGA shirt had progressives beside themselves after the photo hit social media. Later, in October, the musician publicly accused Joe Biden of having dementia on the BBC’s “Newsday.”

“Joe Biden is, in all practicality, senile, and delinquently senile. My wife has Alzheimer’s — I know the symptoms.”

“I don’t think lockdown is doing any good for anybody,” he added.

“Wrecking an economy is not the smartest move to cure any illness or virus or disease. We’re all capable of wearing masks. We’re all smart enough not to want to give each other filthy, horrible viruses. Give people the chance to work. Don’t just close everything down. This is not Stalin at work here. But, I swear, the governments are beginning to feel that way. We have to hold ourselves responsible at some point in order for our society to exist at all.

“Already there were rumors flying around that there was an even stronger strain of this COVID, or whatever you want to call it, coming down the pipeline. So we might as well just close everything down and collapse.”

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