A Miami physician has now been charged with a hate crime after she reportedly attacked a Hispanic man, called him a racial slur, and vandalized his vehicle after he asked her to maintain social distancing at a supermarket, according to the New York Post.

Dr. Jennifer Susan Wright, 58, an anesthesiologist, was charged with a criminal mischief, tampering with a victim, and battery with prejudice, a “hate crime” enhancement that upgraded the count to a felony, according to the Miami Herald.

On Jan. 20, the day President Joe Biden was inaugurated, Wright apparently got too close to a man who had asked her in Spanish to keep her distance while standing in line at a Publix store, according to the outlet.

Though the man repeated his request in English after Wright ignored him, she began “mumbling bad words” and he then walked to his car, the arrest report stated.

As he loaded his groceries in the parking lot, the doctor walked up to him and got within a foot of his face, according to the police. When he asked her to move back, it “enraged the defendant even more.”

She allegedly called the victim a “spic,” a slur for Hispanics, and told him that “we should have gotten rid of you when we could,” according to the report.

“This is not going to be Biden’s America, this is my America,” Wright said, according to the police report, adding, “We should have burned it all.”

“The defendant also proceeded to stab the victim’s vehicle with her keys while saying he needed to go back to his country,” the report added, according to the Herald.

The man attempted to call the authorities, but the woman punched him, causing him to drop the phone. She then kicked him and tried to smash the phone with her foot before fleeing in a Jeep Wrangler, according to police.

2 thoughts on “Miami Doctor Charged With Hate Crime After Grocery Store Quarrel With Hispanic Man

  1. So is the onus on her to prove she didn’t call him a spic? or that she didn’t say any of that? According to this, they just made it a hate crime based on his word alone.

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