Star of the T.V show “Silver Spoons,” Ricky Schroder spoke out on Tuesday to address his role in bailing out Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse, 17, received national attention for defending himself from an alleged attack caught on video during a riot in Kenosha, Wisc. earlier this year.

Rittenhouse was released on a $2 million bond with Schroder saying he was “infuriated” when he saw the boy being demonized in the media.

Schroder has publicly stood behind the Second Amendment and has been an NRA member for 30 years. The actor told the New York Post during a telephone interview that he has personally contributed “hundreds of thousands” of dollars for the bond as well as Rittenhouse’s legal defense as the 17-year-old waits for his day in court on murder charges for the deaths of two rioters and the injury of a third on Aug. 25 of this year.

“It made me mad,” Schroder told the Post. “This boy is innocent and he will be proven innocent. I did what any father should’ve done, and that’s get a kid out of jail that doesn’t deserve to be there.”

Rittenhouse accompanied friends and business owners in Kenosha to defend the city from looting during violent protests in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake, who was shot seven times in the back after allegedly violating a restraining order and reportedly retrieving a knife from the front seat of his car during the confrontation with law enforcement.

“He wasn’t there to stop the protests,” Schroder stated. “He was there to defend property from chaos.”

The 17-year-old was being held in police custody until last week when Schroder, MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, and many other supporters put together the $2 million for his bond.

Upon his release one of Rittenhouse’s lawyers, Lin Wood, posted a picture on Twitter just before 9 p.m. of the young man, using the hashtag “FightBack.”

“FREE AT LAST!!!” Wood wrote on the post, which shows a smiling Rittenhouse standing between Schroder and attorney John Pierce.

“Thank you; All Donors. Thank you, All Patriots. Thank God Almighty.”

Schroder expressed that Rittenhouse’s case affected him on a personal level. He also felt vilified by the press after his arrest in May 2019 for a supposed domestic incident with his longtime girlfriend which was later dismissed.

“It sucked because everybody thought I was a woman beater, and I’m not a woman beater,” he said. “I was tried and convicted in the court of the media. But you have to understand, that’s only my reputation that was being destroyed.”

“This was Kyle’s life being destroyed,” Schroder told the Post. “This is his freedom at risk. It infuriated me to see an innocent 17-year-old young man being tried and found guilty before trial.”

Rittenhouse’s attorney has said that the teenager only used his weapon in self-defense.

Schroder has been attacked by progressives and supporters of Black Lives Matter on social media since his support for the young man’s release became a public story, causing him to report death threats to authorities, reports TMZ.

The NYPD Blue actor said Tuesday that all of the death threats targeting him occurred on various social media platforms and said numerous people threatened to go to his Los Angeles home. Recently, Twitter was flooded with a battery of tweets using the hashtag #RickySchroder.

“When people talk about coming to my home is when they get my attention,” the NRA supporter said.

Schroder says he refuses to be intimidated by online bullies and plans to continue to support Rittenhouse.

“I’m in this in the long haul for this kid, until his name’s cleared,” he stressed. “This is a clear case of self-defense.”

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