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Members of New York City’s Community Education Council District 2 (CEC D2) collectively had the biggest overreaction since Joe Pesci shot Spider in Goodfellas when a Zoom meeting degenerated in an angry racism which-hunt after a white man on the call was seen holding a black child on his lap.

Council member Thomas Wrocklage was holding his young daughter as well as the nephew of a friend during their June video meeting where they discussed integration.

This act woke the demon in the collection of "Karens" who accused Wrocklage of racism. Rachel Broshi scolded Wrocklage, “It hurts people when they see a white man bouncing a brown baby on their lap and they don’t know the context. That is harmful.”

Broshi and others involved in the video conference were irate over the idea of a white man holding a black child and immediately called him a racist. Wrocklage was beside himself with confusion and told them the toddler was just his good friend’s nephew.


He asked how having a child on his lap was racist simply because they weren't the same race, desperately asking, “I would like to know before this meeting adjourns, how having my friend’s nephew on my lap was hurtful to people and was racist. Can you please explain that?”

Broshi shrieked back at him to “Read a book. Read Ibram Kendi. Read ‘White Fragility.’ Read ‘How to Talk to White People!’”

Aside from simply holding the unwitting child, Wrocklage -who is a volunteer on the council- made a remark during the meeting on the subject of integration. He wanted to see more efforts in integrating schools and pointed out “My living room’s integrated right now.”

This was twisted by the gaggle on the council as somehow downplaying segregation and even diminishing slavery.

Council member Emily Hellstrom raved incoherently for some time, ascribing a motive of racism, despite all of Wrocklage's actions clearly being the opposite.

When the meeting was over, Wrocklage's night was just beginning. An unholy amount of progressive social media crusaders smelled blood in the water and attacked Wrocklage.

Around 100 parents in District 2 signed a letter to the president of the school board, Maud Maron, demanding something be done about Wrocklage, who stood there slack-jawed at the accusations.

Despite his clear position to push for increased scholastic integration, the more Wrocklage mounted a defense or contextualized the situation, the more he was labeled an unclean racist monster.

Council Member Shino Tanikawa ordered him to “do the work,” in lieu of telling him what exactly he did wrong.

She snapped at him "There is no way around it, you have to read. If you’re not willing to read, then you’re not doing the work. This is work we all have to do. You can disagree with people, but this is not an ideological difference. This is how black and indigenous people of color see the world and it’s not for you and me … to deny that reality. We have to get on board.”

Using the attention the video acquired, Wrocklage asked people on Twitter to donate to a fund for his friend's children's education so this bizarre situation can do some good. He posted:

"If you watched my interview and would like to help families that need real help instead of word salad from so-called 'Social Justice Warriors': Click below and donate to my friend’s daughter and nephew that were exploited by the SJWs. Thank you."

In a refreshing turn of events, he appears to be standing strong in the face of the social justice warrior ridiculousness. Wrocklage has since changed his Twitter bio to:

“Parent. Tax attorney. Community Education Council District 2. (Also waiting 2 be cancelled by idiots who do not know me or anything I stand for. #CancelKaren “