Full Mental Retard S1E03: HARD R

Cody does a quick beer review before jumping into the mail. We get mail from a viewer who went deeper into the smelling ass video, a viewer asking about pet peeves, and we see a song specifically made for Cody. Tattoo people get a shit talking, since they seem to always need money but always have money for a tattoo. Is 311 gay? Some dance moves may suggest the answer. In the School of Faggotry, we see how most of us are pussies compared to the men of the past. Cody explains his past experience when he was a faggot and how he overcame it. An HR director is put on leave for saying nigger. Cody wants to go back to having fun and not being scared of saying words. Linus from Linus Tech Tips doesn't know what the hard R is. There's more proof that trans surgery is unnecessary, and Milo Yiannopoulos weighs in on what's more gay. Do dicks on a wall own the LMNOP people or own the conservatives? We see an old commercial of a dude taking the piss out of a bunch of different races and cultures. Let's get back to a time where we can have fun and laugh. Finally we see a video of a dude having a nightmare in a car. Cody shares a similar experience.

Mar 18th, 2023