I'm Back From Houston in My "Jiminy Crockett" Hat (0:00-9:30) • Rich Snobs v. Poor Slobs: The Schism Among "Racist" Whites (9:30-32:31) • Interview With Mike, Who Runs a Car Wash in Clifton Heights, PA, the Town Where I Grew Up: Mike Knocks on the Door of the House Where I Lived, But No One Answers and No One in the Neighborhood Remembers the Goads; We Then Talk About How Delaware County, PA has Changed and How Black Women Are the Main Problem With Everything and How You Can Only Poke "The Bear" for So Long (32:31-1:20:54) • SUPER-MEGA VOICEMAIL SESSION: If You Fuck an Animal Long Enough, Can You Breed With It?; If I Had to Get Raped by an Animal, Which Breed Would It Be?; Would I Rather Fight a 6-Foot Shark or a 6-Foot Squid/Octopus Thing With A Beak?; Do I Believe That the USA Landed on the Moon?; Which Is a Bigger Red Flag With Women: High Body Count or Single Motherhood?; Is There a Mathematical Formula for Determining if You're Too Old to Date Someone?; What Lies Are "They" Telling About Immigrants?; What Do I Think of the Band Everclear?; Does the Gay Mafia Rule Hollywood?; Barack Obama Calls in to Deny He's a Faggot; What Would I Ask Ted Kaczynski?; What Happened to Beef Squad's Fifth Episode?; Luke From Seattle Wants Me to Be His Presidential Running Mate; A Question That Only Leads to More Questions (1:20:54-2:28:18)

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Sep 17th, 2023

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